3 bubble tea franchises, 19 baht.

Today we are going to take a look at 3 bubble tea franchises that start with a price of 19 baht that we can all enjoy at a price of 19 baht. Let’s take a look.



            Bubble milk tea franchise in Thailand that has been selected and developed the taste until it is perfect, delicious, satisfying Thai people’s taste. There are franchise branches all over the country. and abroad, USA, Cambodia, Malaysia, beverage prices start from 19 baht

Details of business partnership

      • There is only one package. For small and large stores, the starting price is the same because they use the same raw materials and equipment for more than 100 items.


      • Invest in a shop with an initial investment of 450,000 baht or more, selling 2,000 glasses (the initial investment is divided into a franchise fee of 200K baht and raw materials, equipment, and decorations of the shop; 250K+ may increase according to construction and raw materials. additional equipment that the customer wants).


      • Pay Nobicha in installments for 5 months and pay with a Kasikorn card. Pay installments for 10 months to Bank Thanachart. 
      • Training in store management and sales. 
      • Full marketing support.
      • Apply and practice delivery techniques. 
      • It is full of raw materials and equipment. 
      • More than 80 menu options. 
      • The customer chooses the location. 
      • Quick payback, consistent income 
      • *Franchise customers help inform the location of the store, address, and map of the store location. 
      • Send your full name, address, phone number and email to: info@nobicha.co.th.
      • There will be staff to contact you back or call to inquire at the phone number. 
      • 02-550-9999, 02-044-4409, 090-592-2222
      • Line: @nobichath
      • (Monday – Saturday 30 – 17.00)

Moma's Bubble Tea Bar

 Thai brand bubble tea franchise It is famous and has many branches. A variety of drinks focusing on quantity but selling at an affordable price of 19 baht. Add 5 baht if you want to add pearls. There is a menu to choose from both milk tea and fruit tea menus, such as apple green tea, kiwi green tea, orange red tea, red grape tea, mango green tea, etc.

contact information

Bubble Honey

Bubble Honey Taiwan Milk Tea & Flame Tea is a standard bubble tea brand. launched into the market in 2019 with the highlight of the taste and a price that starts at only 19 baht + pearls for 1 baht. It is a bubble tea shop business that is easy to sell. Fast payback within 15 days, profit per glass of 70%. With intense flavor, focus on quality. They also split a line of beverages, including Bubble Honey Fire, which was popular in this era. For investment in the franchise, the franchisee can design a shop freely with a budget that the customer can customize.

contact information

      • Contact Franchise Bubble Honey Taiwan Milk Tea & Flame Cheese Tea

      •  Call: 090 924 8642

      • Facebook: bubblehoneytea

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