3 Scammers check websites.

    For peace of mind, safety first. to make sure that our money will not be wasted and we will definitely get the product. Today, ACU PAY introduces you to 3 websites to check for scammers. Let’s see.

When we get into the blacklistseller. We can search for scammers by bank account number, name-surname, and ID card number. We can be sure that almost every scammer can be found on this website.

For Whoscheat, besides searching by account number, name, and ID card number, it can also be searched by mobile number as well. Or anyone who has been scammed can inform whoscheat to put the scammer’s data in the database to protect others.

This website can check scammers’ account numbers and names.

However, every day there were more and more scammers. Don’t forget to check the information and credibility of the stores. And for the stores, don’t forget to add more information to make the store reliable.