5 Lucky plants.

     For physical and mental prosperity, today ACU PAY will introduce you to lucky plants that are not only beautiful but also enhance our fortune. What are these 5 plants? Let’s see.

1. Arrow head Plant or the money comes in


The name itself indicates that this is another type of lucky plant that will help in matters of fortune and money.

Type : ivy with round stems

Appearance  The leaves are broad and green, and the middle of the leaves has a silvery-white veining, like money and fortune flowing into the house.

Cultivation : Can be grown indoors but needs to be placed in a spot where there is little sunlight.

2. Homalomena lindenii (Rodigas) or charming white moon.


One of the lucky plants that enhances the subject of great mercy and enhances the charm of the owner. This includes helping to enhance luck and prosperity as well.

Appearance : The appearance is similar to the Bodhi leaf, the tip is slender and pointed, and it has a glossy green color.

Cultivation : Not very fond of full sunlight. Therefore, it should be planted in a house with little sunlight. 

3. Croton Plants or Koson Plants


It is a homophone for the word kusol (merit). Of course, planting these plants will enhance the merit and help protect the residents, making them happy.

Type : Shrubs come in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

Appearance : There are many colors in the same leaf, so it is another charm that is not difficult to notice for Kosol plants.

4. Chinese Evergreen or A house full of money.

เงิน (1)

plants that originate in the tropics of Southeast Asia. It helps to enhance the fortune of being successful in work.

Type : Small Shrub

Appearance : The leaves are rounded, resembling a heart. Petioles are pink.

Cultivation : This plant can be divided into pots and planted inside the house.

5. Dracaena Fragrans or fortune plants


It is another plant’s name that indicates good fortune. This lucky plant is believed to help growers have good fortune, happiness, and fulfillment.
Type : a medium-to-large shrub that can grow to be 5-10 m tall
Appearance : The tips of the leaves are pointed, the edges are smooth, and the flowers are fragrant, helping to enhance the atmosphere of the shady home as well.