What is the difference between Coin vs Token?

Coin vs Token

The cryptocurrency that we see has a very wide variety of currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Bitkub. which we can divide into 2 types: coins and tokens. These two types have quite different meanings. Let’s take a look today.

Clear 11 suspicions about the central bank digital currency (CBDC)

A Central Bank Digital Currency is a digital currency issued by a country’s central bank.If Thailand’s central bank issues digital currency. It’s like Thai baht or banknotes issued by the Bank of Thailand (BOT). It’s just in “digital” form, which has a value of 1:1. People may wonder what it will be like when it actually works. Today we gathered questions and answers from the Bank of Thailand (BOT). Let’s see.

e-Money is money that we use to make payments but may not realize


It might seem like it has nothing to do with us or we have never heard about it before, but e-Money can be found everywhere or may even have been used unknowingly because we call it by a different name. So, let’s try to get to know the money that is in the form of e-Money.

Driving through the flood and lost a license plate, what should we do

Driving through the flood and lost a license plate, what should we do?​

When it’s rainy season, what’s hard to avoid is the amount of water that is higher than normal and may be followed by floods, making it inevitably to drive through the water that may cause the license plate to be lost. Today, ACU will advise on what to do if the license plate is lost.

Project “Share the Survival Bag”


Ms. Caro, as Executive Director, along with staff of ACU Pay (Thailand) Co., Ltd., have organized the project. “Share the living things”, whether it’s rice, chicken eggs, canned fish, instant noodles. and 400 masks for the villagers of Eua Athon Ladkrabang 2 at the community center on May 28, 2022.