What expenses are there in borrowing a loan?

Each loan, in addition to the burden of interest and principal required from the money we have borrowed, has several additional expenses from loans that we may not expect. Today, ACU PAY gathers all of the hidden costs in addition to loans for you guys.  What expenses are there in borrowing a loan? Collateral assessment […]

Gold Saving, a new alternative of investment

If you think about an asset that no matter how volatile it is, there is no effect on its value and the price continues to rise, you may think of nothing but gold. Therefore many people choose to invest in gold, but it is quite hard for us to purchase gold at once due to its high price. Nowadays, there is an alternative investment called Gold Saving which you can trade easily via your smartphone. Why is Gold Saving good? ACU PAY will explain it to you.

Get to know ‘ThaID’ electronic ID card which makes Thais’ life easier.

Apart from entering the cashless society, Thais also pay attention to paperless society and tend to upload information into the online world, especially the Government sector. Right now, Thai people do not have to carry their ID card because Thais can use Digital ID via ThaID app to verify one’s self to the officer.