The Power of Fear! that many people do not understand

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Has anyone ever been extremely afraid of something that other people do not fear of or fear something weird but do not know the reason for the fear? These symptoms are called Phobia. A phobia is a disease that will show severe fear of things or situations unreasonably and only fear of certain stimuli. Today, ACU PAY has collected some weird phobias but they really exist to present to you guys.

Food helps reduce menstrual cramps

Today, we’re going to talk about the problem that girls have to face every month which is “Menstrual Cramps.” It is inevitable for girls, and some people have menstrual cramps until they have to take time off from school, from work, and even don’t have any strength to walk. ACU PAY has gathered foods that reduce menstrual pain for girls. Let’s start!

What to know when you go to South Korea

Annyeong Haseyo. After many countries have announced the opening of the country again, traveling seems to be a bustle. Thai people tend to travel abroad more, especially to “South Korea”. Today ACU Pay will share with you the traditions and practices of South Korean people so that there will be no mistakes or a culture shock when you arrive. In addition, you can travel with fun and relaxation. Let’s take a look together!

How to use Hashtag to be on fleek in every platform

Another method to make great marketing is using Hashtag because people on the internet mostly find their interest through searching the Hashtag. Hashtag is often seen in social media such as IG, Facebook and Twitter. Today, ACU PAY will share some information to new sellers about techniques of how to use Hashtag and increase our sales without spending any money. Let’s take a look together.

Analyze what causes the gold price to go up and down

Anyone who tries to keep track of the price of gold will notice that the price of gold will always rise and fall daily. For example, on April 1, 2024, a report from the Hua Seng Heng website revealed that domestic gold bar prices have risen sharply. Last week, it reached a new high of THB 38,550, which increased by 14.56% from the beginning of the year.
Today’s gold price on April 2, 2024, has increased by 100 baht, and the price of gold bars is 39,000 baht per baht.
Have you ever wondered what causes gold prices to rise and fall daily? Today, ACU PAY will solve the question of the factors that cause gold prices to go up and down.

Nail Dryers can be at risk of cancer.

Gel Manicure is one of the beauty items for girls. Every idea for manicures are cute and colorful so that every girl might want to change their nail art every week. However, every time we have our nails done we have to put our finger in nail dryers which recently are talked about as UV in the nail dryers can cause cancer, can’t it? Today, ACU PAY has gathered the information for you. Let’s take a look at it

Back Again! PM2.5, a cause that ruins health

Here it comes again for PM2.5. Recently, the cloudy sky in Bangkok is not caused by fog or clouds but by dust or PM2.5! which affects our health badly. There is a huge difference between normal dust and PM 2.5. People with allergies may have a hard time in life at the moment. Today, ACU PAY will show you about how PM2.5 affects our health and how to prevent it. Let’s start.

Why are people still in love with people who abuse them?

Recently, you might have heard news about physical abuse in many couples, but have you ever noticed that many couples forgive and still stay together even though they were abused over and over again? In other people’s point of view, abuse is something that must not happen. Today, ACU PAY will take you to know the reason why people are still in love with their lovers who hurt them.

How to do Sale Page to attract customers

The necessary thing in doing business online is to attract customers and build credibility on the page or called “Sale Page.” ACU PAY will take you to learn more about the Sale Page to boost your sales, making people want to visit the website and make purchases via the Sale Page. This is suitable for people who have just started their online sale with “How to do Sale Page to attract customers”content. Let’s start!

The Japanese Yen is the most depreciated in 34 years

At the end of last month (March 27, 2024), the value of the Japanese yen dropped to the lowest in 34 years when compared to the US Dollar which depreciated by 0.3% at 151.97 Yen per US Dollar. This was due to the Yen sell-off by investors after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) was expected to continue its easing monetary policy despite the interest rate hike in the recent meeting.