What happened to Hollywood? Why did the actors/actresses-writers go on strike?

What happened to Hollywood? Why are many movie and series screenings postponed? Why did the writer-actress go on the biggest strike in 63 years, and protests took place in front of several giant studios including Netflix, Warner Brothers studio, Paramount Pictures studio, and NBC Universal Studios in the United States?

Choose a lipstick color that suits your lips. Get to know MLBB.

Are there any girls looking for make-up looks that look natural as if you did not apply any lipstick on your lips, but still, your lips are naturally good and healthy? You are at the right place because this time ACU PAY will tell you tips to choose lipstick colors which look natural and suitable for your lips with MLBB, the technique of choosing the lipstick shade.

What exercise is suitable for these kinds of shapes?

Have you ever noticed why our body proportions do not get smaller even when we exercise or follow the recommended food of others? This is because the human shapes are different from each other. Eating or exercising to suit your body shape may help your proportions change faster. This time, ACU PAY will show you what kind of diet and exercise you need to have if you have a shape like this.

The Key Reasons why Family Businesses Should Have Family Constitution

Problems can arise anywhere, whether in families or businesses. However, it is harder to solve problems when the family matters get involved in the business. Small accumulated problems can lead to a big issue in the future such as a fight for inheritance in the family, an unbalanced share of the benefits, or the unclear plan for the successor which can undermine family relationships.

What kind of investment to make at this age? Investment recommendations suitable for each Gen

No matter how old or what generation you are, you would definitely not like to have financial problems, right? However, for anyone who questions themselves about what financial plan, savings, and investments they should have at their ages, come this way. Today, ACU PAY summarizes financial plans that are suitable for each age to prepare yourself for unexpected events.

Can expired cosmetics continue to be used?

A lot of girls may face the problem of being unable to use up their cosmetics, right? Some of the cosmetics are expired but they seem to be in a good condition to be used. Should we continue to use them or should we throw them away? ACU PAY has an answer for you.

Tips to fix dry lips

Who’s experiencing any annoyance with dry, cracked, peeled lips? If you have a problem like this, listen up, because today ACU PAY is going to tell you the tips to fix your dry lips and keep your lips soft, moist, and healthy.

8 Travel YouTube Channels for Adventurers to enjoy

How’s it going? I’m pretty sure that you want to visit each of these channels just by reading this review. Each person has a unique travel style. You can choose as you prefer. Who has any other favorite travel channel in particular? You can comment to tell us.