Tax-Free Investment

The savings forms that are suitable for salarymen like us exist because there are “no taxes” and also have a “return on the money”. Let’s see what ways or businesses that we can invest without paying taxes.

5 Digital Deposit Accounts of 2024

At present, the savings deposit interest gives a relatively low return and is not worthwhile compared to higher inflation. Today, ACU PAY would like to recommend digital deposits which you can receive higher interest than savings deposits.

5 ways to start financial planning

Most people do not plan their finances since they view financial planning as something complicated. Some say they would like to start planning their finances but do not know where to start. Today, ACU PAY would like to present 5 ways to have a better financial plan.

Did you know how many types of Extroverts there are?

You may have heard of the word Extrovert quite often, right? Extrovert is one of the personality theories by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, consisting of introvert, extrovert, and ambivert.
In this article, ACU PAY will look from the Extrovert perspective to see what extrovert is and how many types there are.

Let’s say goodbye! after LINE announced the termination of LINE KEEP, starting on 28 August 2024

Currently, LINE has announced a termination of a feature service called KEEP and informs that the service will be terminated on 28 August 2024. However, there has not been clear information on the reason why this service is canceled, and no announcement of a feature replacing KEEP in the future.
On 3 May 2024, LINE notified LINE users to download information stored in the KEEP feature into other applications, including pictures, files, videos, and links since after 28 Aug 2024, the information in KEEP will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

How many months can the electricity/water bills be overdue?

Normally, if homeowners do not pay electricity or water bills for a fixed period, the next thing to happen is the stop supplying water and electricity to those houses. Where can we find the information on How many months can the electricity/water bills be overdue? Today, ACU PAY will explain this matter to you.

Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why do dumb people sometimes think they’re so smart?

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is the absolute opposite of Imposter Syndrome, a syndrome in which people think they are not good at anything all the time. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a condition in which people being smart-ass show off wise in something they do not know about. What is the cause of this? Let’s find out together with ACU PAY.

How many types of Introverts are there?

Introvert is a name to call people who have a high private world or enjoy being alone rather than socializing. However, this group of people may not be as hard to understand as you think. They just have desires or interests that are different from others. How many types of introverts do you think there are?

A list of 7 Delicious but Rare Durian Species

Those who are durian lovers may have heard of the popular durian species such as Monthong, Chani, and Kan-yow, but did you know that there are other durian species that are delicious but so rare. Today, ACU PAY will introduce those durian species to you.