The Power of Fear! that many people do not understand

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Has anyone ever been extremely afraid of something that other people do not fear of or fear something weird but do not know the reason for the fear? These symptoms are called Phobia. A phobia is a disease that will show severe fear of things or situations unreasonably and only fear of certain stimuli. Today, ACU PAY has collected some weird phobias but they really exist to present to you guys.

It is real! The Fear of Being Happy

Is there anyone who is afraid to be happy? You can feel blue just by imagining that you are happy even though “Happiness” is something that everyone wishes to have. People try to be happy no matter how and to be happy for each person is so different. For admin, of course the only thing that canmake Admin happy is Money LOL. However, happiness can destroy mental health for some people unbelievably. Today, ACU will take you to know the causes of this fear and what symptoms are considered as the fear of being happy.