What is Shopee Coin?

      Today, ACU PAY will introduce you to Shoppi Coin. A Shoppi Coin is a coin or token of the Shoppi company based in London. Shoppi is an intermediary connecting local companies or merchants with tourists by transcending cultural barriers. Shoppi will act as an intermediary for tourists to travel to places. and can easily buy products without having to exchange or use the local currency. Because it can give Shoppi coins to spend with every merchant that is affiliated with Shoppi.

The company’s mission is to help millions of people continue their shopping journey in every city.

Founded team

salvatore vacante

Salvatore Vacante

CEO & Founder

massimo rossi

Massimo Carlo Alberto Rossi

COO & Founder

denise v

Maria Denise Vacante

CMO & Founder

     If you want to buy Shoppi coin, you can buy it via MetaMask on the Binance smart chain. Anyone who wants to know how to buy coins that are not on the forum can click here. For those who want to know more about this coin, visit Shoppi‘s website and Coin Market Cap.

The important thing is that investing takes risk. Investors should study the information on the coin before investing.