4 Credit Card Scams and how to deal with it

Protection against damage, let’s take a look at 4 scams to see what methods they use to steal our credit card information. And there is a way to prevent these incidents. Let’s take a look.

4 Credit Card Scams and how to deal with it

4 Credit Card Scams

1. Steal data from the magnetic strip attached to the card. Using the skimmer installed at the ATM

An ATM skimmer is built by combining a magnetic stripe reader, a decoder, and a memory unit. When we swipe the card at the machine, the skimmer will read the information from the magnetic stripe and store it in a memory unit. A low-memory ATM skimmer can store 50 credit card details, while a high-memory ATM skimmer can store tens of thousands of credit card details.

2. Stolen card magnetic stripe data by handheld skimmer

The Handheld Skimmer is a handheld stripe card reader, which the scammer usually holds in the palm of their hand and swipes the victim’s card while viewing the secure code from the back of the card without the victim noticing. which could happen anywhere Whether it’s shops, restaurants, or gas stations, Or the scammer may impersonate a bank employee standing in front of an ATM asking to see the victim’s card or may offer assistance to the victim if the card is attached to the ATM. and then copy the data through the hand-held skimmer when the victim is unguarded.

3. Take information from ATM slips with large balances. It will be used to search for important information. in the person's financial transactions.

4. Steal personal documents, forgery or use the stolen victim's personal documents to apply for a credit or debit card and use it to pay on the victim's behalf.

How to deal with it.

1. If you want to withdraw cash, you should use the service "Withdraw money without a card" from the bank application. to prevent copying of data from cards and passwords and also to prevent theft of our data from slips.

2. Spend credit-debit cards through e-Wallet or e-Payment applications by linking the card to that application. to reduce the chance of data theft from swiping the card.

3. Keep important personal documents in a safe place to avoid the risk of data theft or copying.

4. If you need to use your card at a store, it should be a trusted store and not prone to fraud.

However, if something happens or we are a victim, immediately freeze the card and report it to the police as soon as possible to record that it is lost. If there is a transaction after that, then there will be evidence that the transaction was not by us.

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