4 popular multivitamins for men to ensure good health in 2022

4 popular multivitamins for men to ensure good health in 2022

Vitamins help the body’s system absorb nutrients easily and help the body’s system function normally.

For the benefits that the body will receive, such as skin, nourishing the body inside and out. and the functioning of internal organs Which vitamins in each type will help strengthen and nourish the body in various ways? Today, ACU PAY introduces four popular vitamins for men to friends. Most people eat it, and it works.

1.Centrum Multivitamin Minerals

Centrum Multivitamin Minerals

The Centrum Multivitamin Minerals Supplement has long been popular as a health supplement. can be eaten by both men and women It contains a total of 29 vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. which helps fight free radicals boost immunity and make the system of important organs function perfectly. 

Price: 100 tablets, 800 baht. 

How to order: general leading stores 

2. 3 MIRACLES – Lingzhi + Cordyceps + Ginseng

3 MIRACLES – Lingzhi + Cordyceps + Ginseng

It is a dietary supplement that is full of benefits to nourish and strengthen health. It contains ingredients that are good for the functioning of many body systems, such as ginseng extract with ginsenosides and panaxosides. Help nourish the body; nourish the brain; help adjust the circulatory system to be more balanced. 

Prices: 225 baht. 

How to order: Shopee

3. Vistra Multivitamins & Minerals Plus Amino Acid

Vistra Multivitamins & Minerals Plus Amino Acid

A multivitamin full of essential nutrients from the brand Vistra. The quality of vitamins has been trusted by online shoppers. In one jar, it has the benefits of various B vitamins. as well as mineral salts and amino acids that have the ability to strengthen and nourish the nervous system It also stimulates the work of the brain. makes the body feel active all the time Who likes to be sleepy often Say goodbye to this symptom. 

Price: 200 baht for 30 tablets 

How to buy: general leading stores 

4. DHC Multi Vitamin

DHC Multi Vitamin

Another famous multivitamin supplement brand that can’t be missed is the DHC brand, which is considered the top selling brand in Japan. This brand of vitamins contains 13 types of vitamins, which are considered essential vitamins that the body needs each day. It is useful to help various systems work. is complete and helps strengthen the immune system to work effectively Eating regularly will definitely help you not get cold or feel tired easily. 

The cost is 290 baht. 

How to buy: general leading stores 

even friends There will be a good supplement. Anyway, don’t forget to exercise.

for good health and stay with the people we love for a long time Don’t forget to pass on good things Give it to the people we love.

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