5 Farming Games on mobile that are popular played in 2024

This time, let’s make gamers happy with bright games about farming, trading, and raising animals which are normally called “Farming Games.”  These games will make you happy and enjoyable all day. 

Today, ACU PAY gathers 5 relaxing farming games on mobile phones for you. Let’s see what farming games are waiting for you to play!

1. Hay Day

Hay Day

A popular farming game among both Thais and foreigners. You will have your own farm in this game to plant, build animal shelters, and buy animals for raise, including decorating your territory to be beautiful and trading which will make you feel like an online farmer. 

The aim of this game is to allocate things that have to be processed and sold according to the orders. For example, brown sugar and eggs can be processed to be pancakes or beef and bread can be made into hamburger. However, before we have brown sugar, we need to plant sugarcane first or before we have bread, we need to plant rice first. 

In addition, there are various events everyday whether sending ships, resurrection missions, sending 2x star cars, the star will help us climb up to higher level. Every Tuesday at 3.00 pm sharp, there will be a horse racing mission. This game can be played every day on both Android and iOS systems. This game can be downloaded for free! Let’s download this game! You will have fun for sure.

Download Game: Hay Day

2. Township


You will have up to two games just by a single download because Township is a simulator game where you can do farming and build a town. Farming in this game is something we need to do together with playing Township because agricultural products can be processed to be other materials needed in building construction,

Or they can be traded with cash directly as well. Farming and managing the town can be done at the same time. You need to build residences, facilities for people living in the town, processing plants, and exporting products to develop the town and the quality of life in a city. 

It is so amusing and jubilant. There are a lot of fun things to do in the Township game. Let’s download and try playing this game. Playing this game while you are bored or lonely will make you no longer bored. You can improve your sales skill through this game as well.

Download Game: Township

3. Line Brown Farm

Line Brown Farm

The first farming game on mobile phone from Line. This game is so special because the main character in this game is Brown, a Line’s character, who will be in this game to create entertainment. 

Players need to start from farming, raising animals, producing goods, and doing various missions. In addition, you can enjoy customization, expansion, building shops, and buildings, including increasing farm members by using coins from the sale of vegetables and products from farm animals such as eggs or milk to be the main development items. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

Download Game: Line Brown Farm

4. Farm City: Farming & Building

Farm City: Farming & Building

This is a farming game mixed with town building. This game can be played by all genders and ages. Farm City: Farming & Building is a game where you can build your own town as you like. You can plant, feed your animals, produce snacks or trade items or goods in the game to develop your farming.

Moreover, you can meet a lot of friends in the game who are coming to order goods from your farm and you have to produce and need to deliver them in time as customer demand.

You also can upgrade your buildings and facilities to be bigger and can join special events. There is an offline mode to facilitate you as well.

Download Game: Farming & Building

5. Town’s tale with friends

Town’s tale with friends

It’s a farm game that allows us to enjoy creative farming with our own hands, and the players can meet hilarious pets they’ve never seen before.

In addition to enjoying decorating the farm, we can dress our characters and decorate our home with more than 1,000 decorative items as if you are a farm fashionista. It is also a very popular game, especially among girls who can play it whenever they want to. They can harvest and plant vegetables. It is a game that simulates easy gardening.

Farming games are available in a variety of ways. Farming games on mobile is another attractive option for many people because they can play games anywhere. Of course, allocating farm space, vegetables, and animals in each game has both the same and different parts. It’s easy to log in on Facebook and play with friends.

Download Game: Town’s tale with friends

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