8 June – World Ocean Day

As we all know the size of water and ocean floor is much bigger than the size of land because 71% is water area and the other 29% is land. In the ocean and sea, so many creatures living in it that we cannot completely explore all of them. Since the sea is an important natural resource, 8 June is founded to be World Ocean Day to make people more aware of the importance of the sea and help preserve it.

At the 1992 UNCEN or Earth Summit, more than 178 member countries gathered in Brazil to spread their knowledge and campaign to people through networks around the world, along with organizing activities with various organizations to help people all over the world protect and save the sea simultaneously. The guidelines are:

Guidelines for the Preserve and Protection of the Sea

  1. Campaign for more recycling by recycling old plastics and processing them to create less waste.
  2. Campaign to use other materials instead of plastic such as bowls, plates, and straws from paper, or natural raw materials to make them easier to decompose and not toxic to the environment, as well as use reusable containers such as glass containers or reusable food containers.
  3. Campaign to pick up the litter from beaches, coral reefs, and mangrove forests to reduce the amount of garbage entering the sea. There is also a spot for tourists to throw away their litter to avoid garbage falling into the sea.
  4. Burns waste in the right way. It is known that burning waste can cause pollution, but if burned in the right way to produce electricity, it can help the environment.
  5. Install a garbage trap in the sewer area. A trawl or net should be installed so that the garbage cannot enter the sea or dispose of garbage properly such as separating the garbage first.

Many provinces in Thailand held activities between public and private sectors on World Ocean Day to raise awareness and appreciate the sea, such as providing knowledge on ocean care, inviting people to pick up garbage, and restoring and breeding animals to the sea to see the importance and care of marine ecosystems.

The sea is considered a very important natural resource, whether it’s a food source or a habitat for marine animals. If we don’t help each other, there will be many consequences, including dead animals and a lack of food resources for humans. If we don’t help each other, we’ll all be in trouble. Therefore, on World Ocean Day, ACU PAY would like to invite everyone to campaign and save the sea. Not only on June 8th, but everyone can save the sea every day.

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