8 shares of coffee shops in Thailand

It costs only thousands of baht to be a coffee shop owner!

      Today, let’s see eight coffee shops that have stocks on the stock exchange that many people are familiar with.

OR shares, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited: Cafe Amazon

  • The company sells petroleum products as well as non-oil goods and services both domestically and internationally. This includes the distribution of petroleum products and other products in the retail and commercial markets; coffee businesses; food and beverage businesses; and other beverages; convenience store and area management.

BCP shares, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited: Inthanin Coffee and Cafe Amazon.

  • The company’s business groups can be divided into 7 business groups as follows: 1. The fuel distribution business (the company’s main and first business) and the retail business 2. LPGD business 3. a transportation and warehouse management company. It is a business of transportation of fuel for PT gas stations and inventory management. 4. Production and distribution of renewable energy, biodiesel, and edible palm oil 5. Management and maintenance of service station equipment 6. Food and beverage business. 7. business service and upkeep private vehicles and commercial vehicles. 8. electronic money service enterprise. The company is committed to conducting business to meet the needs of consumers in a comprehensive way.

CPALL shares, CP ALL Public Company Limited: ALL Cafe' and All Cafe Gold.

  • operates a convenience store business under the 7-eleven trademark and grants rights to other retailers to operate 7-eleven in Thailand and invests in supporting businesses for convenience stores such as the production and distribution of instant food and bakery, payment agent for goods and services, including investment in cash and self-service distribution center business under the name “Makro”

MM Shares: Dunkin' Donuts, Au Bon Pain, Baskin-Robbins, and Greyhound Cafe.

  • The company operates businesses by holding shares in other companies (holding company) whose main business is food and beverage businesses can be divided into (1) food and beverage businesses under franchise rights, namely Dunkin’ Donuts, Au Bon Pain, and Baskin Robbins brands, and (2) food and beverage businesses under its own brands, namely Greyhound Cafe, Another-hound Cafe, and Le Grand Vefour, as well as other businesses, which are lifestyle businesses under the Greyhound brand. including Golden Donut (Thailand) Company Co., Ltd., which operates food and beverage businesses under the franchise rights of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand.

SNP Shares, S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited: Bluecup Coffee.

  • Restaurant and bakery businesses, including product sales, are classified as 1) domestic restaurants and bakeries; 2) international restaurants. 3) manufacture and sell bakery products and frozen ready meals through restaurant and bakery branches and supermarkets, as well as export goods. 4) Offer additional related services such as home food delivery and off-site catering.

AU shares: After you dessert café

  • 1. a dessert store
  • 2. Product and raw material sales
  • 3. Offsite events and sales.
  • 4. Franchise

TRUE Shares, True Corporation Public Company Limited: True Coffee.

  • True’s core businesses include (1) TrueMove H, a mobile phone and wireless telecommunication business; (2) TrueOnline, a wired high-speed internet business; (3) True Visions, and digital TV; (4) True Digital Group, a digital business and service provider that offers digital media platforms, both online and offline (o2o) platforms. Data analytics, internet of things (IoT) technologies and digital solutions, digital health, cyber security, and a true digital academy.

This article is just a compilation of information. It has no intention of guiding investment in any way. Investors should study information and risks before investing.