What do Thai people use e-Wallets for?

          Nowadays, e-Wallets are becoming a huge influence on everyday spending. As a result, the spending behavior of people in society is related to consumption and consumption is changing. Do you wonder how e-Wallet has made a difference? Let’s see.

        According to a survey in the Journal of the Association of Researchers, the majority of Bangkok residents who use the e-Wallet application are female, aged 21-30, single, with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, occupation, employees of a private company, and the average monthly income is between 15,001-30,000 baht.

What do Thai people use e-Wallets for?

  1. 75.5% pay bills (for example, credit card bills, utility bills, cell phone bills, and tuition fees). 
  2. 66.5% was used to buy consumer goods. 
  3. 56.0% was used to purchase services (e.g., movie tickets, food, hotel reservations). 
  4. 49.0% top-up (e.g., game top-up, mobile top-up, easy pass) 
  5. 44.5% of transfers between people

        types of services used to pay via the electronic wallet (e-Wallet) of consumers who live in Bangkok. First of all is to pay bills (e.g., credit cards, utilities, cell phone bills, tuition fees), followed by the purchase of consumer goods. and used to purchase services (e.g., booking movie tickets, food, hotel reservations) The type of payment service via electronic wallet (e-Wallet) that uses the least amount of service is money transfer between people.

Why use e-Wallets?

  1. 90.0% more convenience than cash.
  2.  62.5% reduces expenses such as fees.
  3.  54.0% promotions from stores that provide services such as discounts, freebies, cash back.
  4.  49.0% various benefits such as collecting points, redeeming items, winning prizes.
  5.  42.5% offers a variety of services to meet their needs.
  6.  38.0% able to check past spending.
  7.  26.5% is safer than carrying cash.
  8.  23.0% able to plan spending.
  9.  21.5% Reduced cash payment errors.

        The reasons for deciding to use the service to pay via electronic wallets (e-Wallets) are: firstly, it is more convenient and faster than spending with cash, followed by helping to reduce costs, fees, and promotions from merchants that provide services such as discounts, freebies, cash back. The least reason to use the service is to reduce the mistake of paying with cash, etc.

Where can we use an e-Wallet?

  1. 50.0% online store.
  2. 20.5% Shop in department stores. 
  3. 17.25% convenience stores.
  4. 11.25% Food and beverage outlets.
  5. 1.00% other.

        The place where e-Wallets are used is an online store, and the frequency of using e-Wallets per month is between 1-3 times per month.

What does everyone use an e-Wallet for? Let’s comment.