A list of 7 Delicious but Rare Durian Species

Those who are durian lovers may have heard of the popular durian species such as Monthong, Chani, and Kan-yow, but did you know that there are other durian species that are delicious but so rare. Today, ACU PAY will introduce those durian species to you.


Deang Ratsami

It is a durian native to Nonthaburi Province. It is relatively small. The meat inside is sweet. The texture is dark yellow. The outer is thorns that are reddish brown, so it is called Deang Ratsami. For those who like to eat durian with a weak smell, this species is considered to be the answer.


It is a durian belonging to the group of Thongyoi. This durian is very large with sharp thorns. The durian meat is sweet with dark yellow color. It is very rough and thick. It is called Thongyoi because the outer appearance is round and pointed. It is an ancient durian that is difficult to find. It doesn’t taste too strong. If you have a chance, you should try them once.

Matnai Yaiprang

It is a durian in the miscellaneous group. The fruit characteristics are not very large, curls, and bent at the end. The fruit size is not very small. The texture inside is sweet, dark yellow, and thick. The seed of Matnai Yaiprang is small and flat. Those who love to eat a lot of durian meat would love this species for sure.

Kop Suwan

This durian species is very common in Nonthaburi Province. It is categorized to be in the Kop group. The inner appearance is an upside-down oval. Although the inner appearance is not very pretty because it has a twisted shape, the taste is so sweet and not easily smudged. It is guaranteed that its taste is better than its appearance.


It is a durian found in Nonthaburi Province as well. It is quite large with an upside-down egg shape. The base of the thorn is large. The taste is not very sweet but quite creamy. It has a fine texture and a low amount of water in the meat. For those who like to eat sticky and dried durian or don’t taste too sweet, Dao-kra-jai is considered another recommended species.

Noun thongjan

It is a mix between Monthong and Phuang Mani durian. Its outer appearance is round, flat base, and bent thorns. The meat inside will taste very sweet and creamy. For anyone who likes to eat durian with a weak smell, this species is another recommendation.

Kan-yow Sao Suay

This is the durian from Yala Province. It is not very large and the end of it is sharp. The meat inside tastes very sweet and creamy with a delicate texture. This durian is perfect for those who love to eat durian that is not too ripe. If completely ripe, the texture will be very soft. This species is known for its delicate taste that suits those who love soft texture durian.

In Thailand, many other rare varieties of durian are traded for a delicious and fragrant taste. At this time, only some gardens have cultivated traditional varieties of durian. If you have a chance to taste one of these rare species, do not miss it!

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