'Apple' launches 'iPhone 14', which Thai stock will benefit?

'Apple' launches 'iPhone 14', which Thai stock will benefit?

Apple launches iPhone 14. Which stocks or companies in Thailand will benefit from this launch? Let’s see.


Stocks/companies gaining positive results from Apple launches iPhone 14.

1. COM7 Public Company Limited.

operates in the business of distributing IT products such as laptop computers, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and related accessories through main distribution channels. as well as providing repair centers for Apple brand products.

The second quarter of 2022 had a profit of 620.03 million baht, an increase of 5.6% compared to the same period of the previous year with a profit of 587.05 million baht, while the total revenue was at 14,445.4 million baht, an increase of 24.9% compared to the previous year.

2. Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited

distributes computers, computer peripherals, software, information systems, and computer consumables. The company is a distributor of products from world-class manufacturers. and have a customer base that is computer operators, both retail and wholesale, across the country. and computer manufacturers under their own trademarks, including department stores, large retail stores, and stationery stores.

The second quarter profit decreased by 9% to 192.24 million baht from the previous year at a profit of 396.27 million baht, while the first 6-month period, the profit was 414.53 million baht, an increase of 5% from the previous year, a profit of 396.27 million baht, still a generous dividend of 0.18-baht, up XD 22 S Aug. 2022 Paid Sept. 5, 2022.

3. Jay Mart Public Company Limited

is now a holding company that invests in other businesses. The main business of the main company is selling both retail and wholesale mobile phones. and products related to mobile phones of all major mobile phone manufacturers and all network operators, including expanding business into the digital camera distribution market and related equipment.

The second quarter profit of 389 million baht, an increase of 68%, while revenue was at 3,272 million baht, reflecting the overall Q2/2022 overview of the entire group of companies growing, moving forward with the Tech Holding Company strategy with the financial business to support profits. Moving forward to use the money from the capital increase at the end of last year to create the latest ecosystem, they announced a new alliance deal to invest in PRTR and prepare to unveil new projects continuously. Reiterating the target for the whole year, profit growth of 50%, green light board, dividends for shareholders, 0.45 baht/share.

4. SPVi Public Company Limited.

The company’s main business is one of the resellers of products under the Apple brand, including computers, ios products, and accessories. This includes being a distributor of products under other brands that can be used mainly with Apple products in order to support the needs of customers in a comprehensive way. In addition, the company has also expanded its service business to customers by having a service center for products under the Apple brand called icenter.

SPVI reports second quarter 2022 earnings growth of 60%, or nearly 27 million baht, in response to online sales and outstanding cost control. pushed the half-year period to reach 54 million baht.

5. Copper Wire Public Company Limited

distributes digital lifestyle products. including apple brand products, which the company is a reseller and an official service center through the store under the management of the company, including: 1. dotlife stores that sell digital lifestyle products 2. Apple brand retail stores sell Apple products, such as studio by copper wired, ai_ and u-store by copper wired, and 3. iserve, an Apple-appointed standard service center that provides repair/replacement services for Apple brand products. The results of Q2/22 (end of June 30, 2022) said that the company had a net profit of 13.20 million baht, an increase of 6.25 million baht or 90.05% from the same period last year. The total revenue for the second quarter of 2022 was 1,671.66 million baht, an increase of 726.83 million baht or 76.93%. This was due to an increase in revenue from sales of mobile phones, computers, tablets, and digital lifestyle products. and increased sales revenue through wholesale and retail channels from the business transfer of Ibis Plus Network Company Limited (IBIZ Plus).

During the first six months of this year, CPW had a net profit of 30.94 million baht, a decrease of 1 million baht or 3.12%. The total revenue was 3,466.65 million baht, an increase of 1,483.28 million baht or 74.79%, while the gross profit for the second quarter and the first 6 months of this year increased from the same period last year by 78.18% and 65.01%, respectively, as a result of an increase in sales and service income.

        However, besides the shares/companies mentioned above, there are also 3 large mobile network operators that will benefit from the launch of the iPhone 14 as well. Investments are risky, and investors should study the information before making an investment decision.

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