Get rid of spiciness by drinking milk.

Get rid of spiciness by drinking milk.

     Have you ever heard of this word? “The spicier, the more delicious”. The more you eat, the spicier it gets. Many people may drink water or a soda, but its spiciness doesn’t disappear, and why does drinking milk make spiciness go away? Let’s take a look.


What is the cause of spiciness?

 Of course, it’s from chili. Because peppers contain capsaicin, when we eat something with chili. This substance will then stimulate the nerves, causing it to become spicy. So, if we want to get rid of spiciness, we just need to get rid of capsaicin, which isn’t soda or plain water that will make it go away. But what makes this substance disappear the best is milk.

The best way to get rid of spicy is "milk".

This is because milk contains a protein called casein, like its rival to capsaicin, that pulls capsaicin from the nerves and eliminates it. So, the spiciness can be lost. The method is that when we drink milk, we should hold it in our mouth for a while to allow the milk to react within the mouth. In addition, milk can also coat our stomach, making the hot chili peppers not damage our stomach and not cause stomach pain either.

The research was led by Dr. John Hayes from the University of Pennsylvania. In a study to reduce spiciness, 72 volunteers ate capsaicin-added ketchup, and all reported how they felt, recorded as spicy every 10 seconds for 2 minutes, and in the meantime, they kept eating things like water, soda, cola, cherry Kool-Aid, non-alcoholic beer, whole milk, and skim milk.

The results revealed that all of them can be used, but they are not equally effective. Solve the spiciness at different levels. The top 3 things that are good at resolving spicy are fresh milk, skim milk, and Kool-Aid drinks, and the least effective were water and soda. The research team found that what worked was the fat in milk and the sugar in Kool-Aid.

This is why drinking milk helps us heal better than drinking water or soft drinks. When friends eat spicy food, don’t forget to bring some milk.

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