Here are 5 inexpensive ways to promote local businesses!

          To allow local businesses to continue their businesses without interruption. It is important to make people get more familiar with the business. So today let’s learn some secrets that will help our business reach more people and increase the chances for people to get to know our business.

1. set up your online presence with Google Business Profile.

          If we want tourists or people to find our store, we should have an intermediary to connect people in the online world. Currently, the search behavior of customers will use Google as a search engine. Therefore, creating a presence on Google with Google Business is one of the tools to help people find and get to know more about our business.

Google Business Profile

  • Google Business Profile is a service from Google created to support local stores, malls, and businesses. We can put our business information in Google’s database. When people search for information related to our store or business, our information will be displayed on Google Search and Google Maps.

The highlight of this service is when people search for stores or services on Google Maps. If your store is nearby or in the area that customers search, your business information will be displayed. It is an option that allows customers to access our store.

2. Take advantage of social media.

          Today’s social media world is not just a place to share stories or talk. But it can easily be a link between the business and the target audience or customers. Many platforms can be used for marketing. The most efficient platform is

              We can create short videos to promote our products through Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook, which is a very powerful tool. Because there are quite a lot of users, it’s suitable for promoting and distributing various news.

3. Promote our business on Youtube

        The most effective video platform during this time was YouTube. It’s not only a platform that helps customers or target audiences see us. But it is something that will help create SEO or as a tool to help customers find our store on Google search as well.

        Let’s say we own a car wash in Province A. We can create a video and tag it, or write a description, title, etc. For example, B Car Care Shop in Province A.

      If people search for a car care store in Province A, we have a greater chance of getting higher SEO search engine rankings.

        This makes Youtube one of the most profitable platforms for promoting a business. The best part is that we don’t need to pay any money. to promote our local business (until you advertise on YouTube).

          However, YouTube can be very competitive, and it can be difficult for retailers to be at the top of the list. Besides YouTube, we can also use other video platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, etc. to promote businesses.

4. Add a payment method

          We are entering a cashless society. What a local business should have is the ability to accept payments via e-Payment systems, whether credit cards, debit cards, prompt pay, e-wallets, or mobile payments. in order not to lose sales opportunities or provide service It also helps to promote the image of our business.

5. Collect and embrace criticism.

          If we receive reviews on different platforms, try to respond as soon as possible. But not only positive comments. We also have to accept and respond to bad reviews too. Replying to comments makes it possible for customers to understand that we listen to them and will improve if they are advised, and brands that listen to their customers have a better success rate than businesses that don’t care about their customers.

            It also helps customers share their thoughts about our business because they know we will listen to them in case there are any drawbacks or improvements. Of course, whether they are good or bad, if we are ready to accept them. We are ready to improve. The result will benefit our business.

However, do not forget to always develop the business to meet the needs of customers.