How much does it cost to buy Inthanin Coffee franchise? What should we do?

    For more than 10 years, Inthanin businesses have been trusted to deliver happiness to customers. Nowadays, Inthanin coffee shops have more than 600 branches. We carefully selected a premium ingredient for coffee lovers with a healthy lifestyle to experience a unique yet delicious coffee.


How much is the budget to open Inthanin Coffee Shop?


The contract period is 6 years.

Franchise Fee

200,000 baht

Cash garantee

100,000 baht


50,000 baht

 Software services, POS system / per year

27,000 baht

equipment and material costs, such as coffee machines, coffee grinders, and blenders.

450,000 baht

Shop construction and decoration.

It is determined by the size of the area. 

1-2 million baht*

Loyalty Fee

6% of total income

The minimum investment budget is around 1.8 million baht.


Benefits of running an Inthanin coffee shop

  1. The right to use the name and logo
  2. Construction and design according to Inthanin standards.
  3. Attend business management courses.
  4. Inthanin coffee shop operation and management.
  5. created a new menu and sales promotion.
  6. It has support and consulting teams in business management.
  7. can be a part of developing shop management.

There are nine steps to running an Inthanin coffee shop.

1. Filing an application.
Attach information about an interested person via mkbcr-franchise@bangchakretail.com or clicks

2. Site survey
The staff made an appointment and estimated the area.

3. Interview
considered the applicant’s readiness and clarified the details.

4. sign the contract
Accept the contract’s terms and make a payment.

5. receive the coffee shop plans.
The staff handed over the construction plans and interior plans.

6. take a training course
The interested person attended an Inthanin coffee shop operator training course

7. preparations for the shop’s opening
The interested person is preparing for construction, decoration, and equipment installation.

8. Opening of the Inthanin Coffee Shop
be a full owner of the Inthanin coffee shop.

9. get supported by professional staff.
There is a consulting team to guide the shop management through all contract terms.

For more information: : inthanincoffee

references : https://www.inthanincoffee.com/

Inthanin businesses’ growth

  • There were 500 branches in 2018, with a revenue of 750 million baht, representing a 15% increase.
  • There were 600 branches in 2019, with a revenue of 1,000 million baht, representing a 33% increase.
  • There were 700 branches in 2020, with a revenue of 1,300 million baht, representing a 30% increase.
  • There were 580 branches in 2021, with a revenue of 2,000 million baht, representing a 50% increase.

The strength point that makes Inthanin Coffee Shop continuously grow is that they are always adaptive. The point is not just a coffee shop in gas stations.

From 2006–2021 or the 15-year anniversary of Inthanin coffee shop, Inthanin has stepped into the number 1 coffee shop on the food delivery app. And Inthanin coffee shop has 40% of its branches outside the Bangchak gas stations. And their target is to rise to 50% in 2022.

The highest sales groups, except inside the Bangchak gas station, are the branches in universities, office buildings, and hospitals. while the office building group has the highest expanding rate.

The direction for branch expansion of Inthanin Coffee Shop consists of

– Concentrate on branches located outside of Bangchak gas stations.

  • Expand the number of branches in areas with dense customer populations.
  • Small area, low investment.
  • Participating in a community with a specific target audience.
  • Changed from the old shop to the Inthanin shop.

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