How to buy a cafe Amazon franchise and how much does it cost?

    Have you ever wondered what conditions are required to open Cafe Amazon and how much it costs? Cafe Amazon is considered to be one of the most successful coffee shops in the country. Let’s see that before opening the café. What do we have to do and how to start?

Applicant Qualifications

  1. an individual or a group of people that can be a juristic person registered in Thailand.
  2. have an understanding of the franchise system and follow the rules, conditions, and standards.
  3. Readiness for investment and workforce.
  4. must attend training courses specified by PTT and pass the test by the cafe Amazon.
  5. Have a service mind, be patient, and do not give up.

Investment in building the shop, equipment, and royalty fee.






Stand Alone


Over 40 square meters

100-200 square meters, including the garden.

Cost on constructions, decoration, and system.

1,200,000 – 2,500,000 baht

1,200,000 – 3,000,000 baht

Design cost

60,000 baht

Equipment in the shop

779,000 baht

Franchise Contract Guarantee

100,000 baht

Processing cost before opening the shop

85,000 baht

Franchise fee


total (with no VAT) ***

2,349,000 – 3,709,000 baht

2,649,000 – 4,209,000 baht

Royalty Fee + Marketing Fee

 3% + 3% of total income every month

Point of Sale (POS) machine rent fee

24,000 baht/year

Contract term

6 years (Renovate the shop every 3 years)

The total cost is 2,689,000–4,229,000 baht. (Vat not included) 


  1. The right to use brand trademarks.
  2. The right to use the POS system.
  3. The right to use The Café Amazon recipe.
  4. The Café Amazon Operation Manual
  5. Event Marketing.
  6. Café design and preparation before opening the café.
  7. assisted during the opening of the shop by giving advice.
  8. Training in shop management.

The conditions for applying for a Cafe Amazon franchise.

  1. Applicants must not be employees of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR).
  2. The proposed area size must be at least 30 square meters.
  3. Area considerations will be considered in the order in which they are submitted, but the OR can consider the application for a high-potential area first.
  4. In the case of areas that are close to each other, OR will first consider the area with the highest potential. Without considering the queue, and if that area has more than 1 applicant, OR will consider them according to the order in which they are submitted or have been granted access to the area by the owner of the area.
  5. The proposed area must be attached with a layout, and photographs, along with the location, latitude, and longitude clearly and accurately.
  6. According to the conditions specified by the OR, the proposed area must be located a reasonable distance from an existing Cafe Amazon store or have been granted the right to open a store but have not yet completed construction.
  7. In this case, the applicant is already the owner of an Amazon Cafe. OR will consider audit scores, where the 3-month average audit score of all branches must not be less than 90 points.
  8. In this case, the applicant is already the owner of an Amazon Cafe in that area and wants to have more branches in the same area, OR can consider the application without considering the queue order.
  9. The proposed area must have a good image and the rent should be at an appropriate amount. This will be considered by OR as appropriate.
  10. If there is any case outside of the above conditions OR reserves the right to consider it. The OR’s decision is final.


Phone number: 0-2196-6444
Email: franchiseamazon@pttor.com
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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