if we were invited to invest in something. How to check it without being deceived.

Investing is a good thing, but investing with ignorance is no different than throwing money away. And if you are deceived into investing, it’s no different from being willing to open your wallet for a scammer to take the money away. In order not to be deceived, let’s check out 4 things that scammers like to do.

  1. Scammers create a good profile, showing off wealth and success in life.
  2. They impersonate famous people to persuade people to invest.
  3. Open the page that uses the logo of the investment-related agency to build credibility and promote investment that gets high returns.
  4. Accelerate investors to make decisions to invest. In order to bring the new investors’ money as dividends in a Ponzi scheme.

However, a good investment should start by investing in information before investing. Don’t be fooled by claims of high returns. Every investment involves risks, and you should invest on your own; you shouldn’t let other people invest your money.

You can check the list through https://market.sec.or.th/LicenseCheck/Search It brings together capital market service providers regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand, as well as licensed products to help you make investment decisions. (Securities/Digital Assets)