How to Secure Your e-Wallet

to step safely into a cashless society. The most common method of payment is via e-wallet, but how can you protect your e-wallet from scammers? ACU PAY will introduce four methods to do so.

How to Secure Your e-Wallet​

What you should do

  1. Only make a transaction by yourself. Do not allow anyone to access your personal information, such as, ID card number, bank account, password, OTP, and mobile number. because scammers might be able to use that information to make a transaction.
  2. Check for notifications every time you make a transaction. And always keep the transaction slips.
  3. Avoid using or making risky online transactions such as gambling websites, pirated websites, or uncredible SMS.
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Nowadays, making financial transactions is very easy and convenient. And ACU PAY (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a financial service provider licensed to operate electronic financial services (e-Money) under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand.