Interesting history of Christmas

A happy festival that everyone is looking forward to is Christmas! When we talk about Christmas, things that pop up in our minds are Santa Claus, reindeer, red socks, and presents. Today, ACU PAY will take you to take a look at the history of Christmas. If you’re ready, let’s go!

What is Christmas?

“Christmas” is a transliterated word from ancient English called Cristes Maesse which was first found in ancient English documents in 1038 then it was changed to be Christmas in the present time.

History of Christmas

Christmas or Feast of the Nativity is held to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on 25 December. The story about Christmas is told in the Bible by the teachings of St. Luke and St. Matthew. It is told that as the storm broke out, Joseph and Mary sought shelter until they reached Bethlehem. They met with the innkeeper of the city, but there was no room for them, so he let them go and lodge in the stable. After that, Jesus was born, and a star appeared over the stable where they tarried. It was this star that was a light that brought people to the little Jesus. 12 days after the birth, three kings gave the baby a gift. However, the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown, but there is a theory explaining that the reason why December 25 was chosen as the birthday celebration because this day was exactly nine months after the early Christians celebrated the Annunciation or on Roman winter solstice or Ancient Pagan Winter Festivals to end these celebrations and replace them with Christian celebrations.

Main elements of Christmas

  1. Santa Claus Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, the Patriarch of Myra (Turkey in present time) who was widely known because of his kindness, especially to children.  
  2. Reindeer Deer that we all are familiar with is the reindeer of Santa Claus that will carry gifts for Santa Claus by flying into the air to get Santa Claus to give presents to children on Christmas Eve.
  3. Christmas Tree The Christmas tree in Christian culture refers to the tree of the paradise garden. It also means Jesus, who is like a tree of life that is always green in every season, and His light is like a candle that shines in the dark.
  4. Socks hanging It is believed that if you hang red socks, you will receive a gift from Santa Claus. According to legend, Santa Claus climbed the chimney of the poor girl’s house to give her a silver coin as a gift, but it fell into a sock that she hung in front of the fireplace. In the morning the girl awoke to find a silver coin in her socks, and she was very glad. Then, it had become the beginning of many people hanging up Christmas socks.

The color of Christmas

Red: The color of holly fruits or Santa Claus. This is the color of December that shows the excitement. According to the religious symbols, red refers to fire, blood, and generosity.

Green: The color of trees, a symbol of nature which refers to youthfulness and hope to have eternal life. It means that Christmas is a festival of hope.

White: The color of snow and a religious symbol of light, pureness, happiness, and prosperity. This color will appear on angel’s cloaks, beard, and Santa Claus’  Hem of shirt

Gold: The color of candle and star. It is a symbol of sunlight and brightness.

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