Let’s get to know about “Gold Unit” and “Gold Standard”

“Gold” is a desirable thing for people for sure. Especially in the present time where the price of gold reaches 30,000 baht per Baht. In the last 5 years, the price of gold was only 19,000 baht per Baht. Its price rose for about 11,000 baht compared to the past. Gold units and gold standards are something that the new buyers need to know before buying.

What is NFTs? Why is it good for the Art Industry?

If you are in the Cryptocurrency industry, you must have seen NFT or Non-Fungible Token. It is one of the popular coins just like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. NFT is quite popular in the group of artists, collectors and in some industries such as art, gaming and fashion which make NFT have earned a lot of profits. If you do not want to be outdated, let’s get to know about NFTs through this article.