What is NFTs? Why is it good for the Art Industry?

If you are in the Cryptocurrency industry, you must have seen NFT or Non-Fungible Token. It is one of the popular coins just like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. NFT is quite popular in the group of artists, collectors and in some industries such as art, gaming and fashion which make NFT have earned a lot of profits. If you do not want to be outdated, let’s get to know about NFTs through this article.

What is NFT?

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can be owned and has the blockchain security system. Each of the NFT coins will be different and have different values. Each NFT coin cannot be replaced so it is like we collect the one and only piece of art in the world and each piece has a different price. Thus, it can assure that there is no duplicated coin for sale in the market. 

NFT in Art Industry

A piece of art can be made as an NFT coin and sold for those who want to purchase it. For example, Tik Shiro, who is an artist in Thailand, had made his art to be NFT and sent it to the auction. There are also some streamers who made their own NFT coin for the fanclub to collect and use it to joy the exclusive meeting. They might make limited coins for 100 or 200 for the fan club to have exclusive fanmeeting with them.

Where to buy NFT?

For those who want to know more about NFT or want to buy it, you can go to NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea,  Foundation and Valuables by cent which are large platforms to trade. There are also Thai platforms such as Bitkub , JNFT , NFT1 Market and Coral.


NFT is designed for specific groups of people who value digital assets. It is popular and widely accepted. However, the NFT coin holders should check the rights over the NFT coin because it can show the ownership of the person who made it. Some of the NFT can be used for commercial purposes such as painting in the bag or cloth for sale. Some of them can only be collected and must not be

used for commercial purposes. It depends on the owner to set the right to use th coin.

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