Everyone wishes to have good health both from the inside and on the outside as well, right? The deterioration of the internal system or functioning normally can also be observed in external organs as well such as nails, skin, and hair. Today, ACU Pay will invite you to observe our “nail characteristics” that are healthy and normal: pink nails, smooth skin, not swollen or retreated skin, or some abnormal nails that are signaling some disease to us. Let’s take a look together!

Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow nail syndrome may not be caused by our health signals because if we use poor nail polish, it can make our nails yellow as well. If it is relevant to our health, yellow nail symptoms can be attributed to many causes whether it is vitamin E deficiency, Lymphedema, problems with the liver, respiratory system and mold infection may be the cause of yellow nails.

Thinner nails than usual, concave like a spoon

It may be caused by anemia due to an iron deficiency. The nails are thin and curved like spoons (Spoon Nails). In some cases, they can be associated with some types of heart disease or low thyroid hormone.

Nails have little holes and rough

If it happens to many nails, it may indicate Psoriasis vulgaris or may be found in combination with hair loss or allergies. However, it can be found in children for unknown reasons.

The nails are brittle or easily dislocated

Symptoms of weak nails that can be easily torn, damaged, or easily dislocated may be caused by a lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, calcium, and protein that may result from insufficient nutrition. Try eating 5 groups of foods first.

Some white part in the nails

  • Half-white nails can be found in people with chronic kidney failure.
  • Nails with two-thirds of the white nail can be found in people with diabetes, liver disease and heart failure.
  • Nails with cross white stripes can be found in people with low protein in the body.
  • The white spot or a crescent moon may indicate some malnutrition that causes the cells to make nails incomplete.

Eating food to improve the health of the nails

Eating iron-containing foods such as milk, egg yolks, meat, fish, duck, and chicken together with vitamin C will make our bodies absorb iron better. Vitamin A is also necessary for nails. We will find vitamin A in meat, liver oil, fish, eggs, and milk.

Try taking a look at your nails, is it smooth and pink? If the appearance is not good, don’t panic. Try to see a doctor for an examination first. As for those whose nails are still normal, don’t stay calm and start taking care of their health from now on before it’s too late to fix them.

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