Find out the reason why Thailand has the most expensive electricity bill in ASEAN

Electricity is important in people’s lives and we have to pay the electricity bill every month. Each month will have a different amount of pay due to individual lifestyle. This is quite close to our daily life. Thus, knowing how to calculate the electricity bill for each month and why the electricity for this unit is different for that unit is useful for yourself. Also, today we are going to find out the truth about the reason why Thailand has the most expensive electricity bill in ASEAN.

Starting from May to August, electricity rate is raised from 3.78 baht per unit to 4 baht per unit. Government has issued a policy to help those who do not use the electricity exceed 300 units per month.  In September to December, electricity rate might reach 4.72 per unit which is quite high compared to other countries in ASEAN. Here are the factors why Thailand has the most expensive electricity rate.


The Office Of the Energy Regulatory Commission has responsibility for the adjustment of Electricity rate. It is an independent organization to administrate and adjust the FT value.

  • FT is the Fuel Adjustment Charge which can be explained as the production costs that are uncontrollable such as inflation rate, exchange rate or fuel cost. The electricity bill will be expensive or not depending on the FT.

Nowadays, the rate of FT rises because of the lack of natural gas. The lack of natural gas is from the shortage of Erawan source and the insufficient capacity production of gas from Myanmar which is continuously decreasing. Those are the reasons why Thailand has to import liquefied natural gas or LNG to substitute Erawan source but LNG is expensive and often volatile. 

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is the main factor that affects LNG price and volatility. Russia has reduced the amount of gas that is released through tubes in Europe which causes a higher demand of LNG in Europe. Also, the covid-19 pandemic is getting better so the demand of the LNG to be higher and causes in the price and sale contract.

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