Drag queen, art reflects an independent identity

The beauty of art through outstanding and magnificent costumes which is fully organized to create happiness for oneself and the audience through art called “Drag.” What is Drag? Today, ACU PAY will take everyone to know Drag, an art which is more than arts. Let’s Star!

 Canada allows ‘no visa required’ for Thai people to enter the country.

Good news for Thai people who have already obtained a visa within 10 years or whose American visa has not expired and want to travel to Canada during this period. Since Canada. The Canadian government has now announced a revision of the conditions for certain countries, one of which is Thailand, to enter Canada without having to apply for a visa, just simply registering via eTA.

Flower fields near electric trains, worth going and taking pictures.

Is there anyone who would like to avoid the chaos in Bangkok or is looking for a place to relax near Bangkok? ACU PAY would like to recommend parks where there are cute flower fields for resting and taking pictures and also convenient to go to by taking BTS or MRT trains. Let’s see where they are!

Update New Traffic Laws of 2024

A road accident is something that no one would like to happen. Having more strict traffic laws will make people drive more cautiously and reduce the number of accidents. Let’s see the changes or punishment addition for 2024 Traffic Laws