Drag queen, art reflects an independent identity

The beauty of art through outstanding and magnificent costumes which is fully organized to create happiness for oneself and the audience through art called “Drag.” What is Drag? Today, ACU PAY will take everyone to know Drag, an art which is more than arts. Let’s Star!

What is Drag?

It’s a kind of art that is dressed in unique clothes and makeup. The word Drag is derived from the word “Dress Resembling a Girl”. Most of the artists are men or people who live their daily lives by expressing their masculinity, dressed as characters imitating a woman which is called Drag Queen (Drag Queen) Currently, there are many branches whether it’s Bio Queen, Femme Queen, or Drag King that most women dress up as male characters. Drag is an art that anyone can be an artist, regardless of gender.

Where is the origin of the Drag?

Drac has been with the Western culture for a long time since ancient Greece and Shakespeare when women were not allowed to perform in theaters, men had to act as women instead. In the 19th century, dress imitating women was used as a tool in performing arts. Later, in the early 20th century, Drag was connected to LGBTQ+ communities and became an important feature of nightlife entertainment. ‘Paris Is Burning’ and ‘The Birdcage’ are the movies that helped Drag to be known in American pop culture.

When did Drag become a popular trend?

In 2009, Drag culture was very popular with RuPaul’s Drag Race reality TV, which made Drag popular and famous around the world. The program highlights the issues of the Drag community and performances, whether art through design, lip-synching, dancing, performing, or acting as characters to amaze the audience with their performance. 

In Thailand, Drag became more famous from the Drag Queen like Pan Pan Narkprasert or Pangina Heals. In 2022, Panpan joined RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World as the first Thai representative drag queen contestant to make Drag Thai more famous at home and abroad.

In addition, there was also a show called Drag Race Thailand, a franchise of RuPaul’s Drag Race that helped create an understanding of drag in Thailand for Thai people to understand more. Moreover, drag shows at various events and drag bars in Bangkok helped to make Drac’s art more famous.

Since everyone has value, no matter who it is or what gender, and wants to exist on the planet, Drag is like an art exhibition space that hides a social struggle to communicate through another angle of identity that awaits to be released. Whether it’s LGBTQ+ communities or anyone who likes to work in art through makeup and dress, you can convey the happiness of your own self through art called Drag.

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