Let’s say goodbye! after LINE announced the termination of LINE KEEP, starting on 28 August 2024

Currently, LINE has announced a termination of a feature service called KEEP and informs that the service will be terminated on 28 August 2024. However, there has not been clear information on the reason why this service is canceled, and no announcement of a feature replacing KEEP in the future.

On 3 May 2024, LINE notified LINE users to download information stored in the KEEP feature into other applications, including pictures, files, videos, and links since after 28 Aug 2024, the information in KEEP will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

What is KEEP

KEEP is a feature in LINE where users can store information in the application without an expiration date. Normally, LINE users can send information or pictures to other users, but after around 2 weeks, those pictures cannot be browsed. The information in KEEP can hold up to 1 GB, but if the file is really large, it can be stored for 30 days. Video with the length not exceeding 5 minutes and long sentences with the character up to 10,000 characters can be stored in KEEP as well.

The thing that you should do after this is move files stored in KEEP to other applications. The information can be moved by

  1. Go to Home and select KEEP
  2. Select files or information you want to move, and click Share in other apps
  3. Click the Share icon and select other apps that you want to move your information to. Just follow these steps and your pictures, information, or files will be moved to other apps successfully.

If users would like to download the information in KEEP into their devices, it can be done as well. Just click the pictures, files, or videos that you want and click the save icon at the bottom.

Keep Memo is a different feature from KEEP. Users can use the Keep Memo feature to send messages, pictures, links, and files to a chat room where only the user can see them. The information in Kepp Memo is stored on the LINE’s server for a certain period, after the expiration of information, those files cannot be downloaded. This feature can still be used normally.

After this, LINE will have a storing feature or will have a monthly charge like Google Drive or Cloud not has not been clearly announced yet. LINE informs that news and new features can be monitored in the future.

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