Recommended “2024 Worth-Watching Anime”

Those who are anime lovers should not miss this content! Today, ACU PAY selects some of the anime that will be broadcast in 2024 to recommend to you. Let’s welcome the New Year with new and sequel anime. Take a look at recommended anime together!


Dungeon Meshi

What to do when your team breaks up and has no items or money to buy something to eat after fighting with Dragons? Raiosu, a party’s leader warrior who wishes to help his sister that was swallowed by Dragon, decided to go back to the brutal dungeon in the unprepared condition with only a plan that his teammate will use the beasts in the dungeon as an ingredient of cooking. The journey will take up to boil, stir-fry, stew, and fry everything that is in their way. Let’s learn the anatomy of monsters through one of the most unconventional cooking cartoons.

Start broadcasting: 4 January 2024. Every Thursday at 8.30 pm on Netflix

Black Butler: Public School Arc

After a long absence, the Young Master of the Phantomhive and his devil butler eventually come back for anime fans to enjoy. 

This time, it will be a Weston school incident when ‘Ciel Phantomhive’ receives a letter from the queen to seek Derrick Arden’s son who did not return home and cut off contact with his family. Ciel and his butler, Sebastian, have to disguise themselves and investigate what had happened, till they meet with P4, the school’s top student group and the school’s mystery events.

Start broadcasting: In April 2024

The crow does not choose the lord

The second volume of the novel series, Yatagarasu, is becoming an anime this April. It is the story of the world that is ruled by the Yatagarasu, the 3-legged crow. The story of ‘Friendship’ between Yukiya, a chosen servant crow, and Nasukihiko, the cheerful crow prince who can transform into human form. It is the relationship that leads them to the plot of scramble for the Throne.

Start broadcasting: In April 2024

Kaiju No.8

Another interesting anime in April. When Japan is attacked by the Kaiju monsters every single day. Our main character, 32-year-old Hibino Kafka who wished to have become a member of the Kaiju Monster Battle Defense Force but has given up, turned himself to be a Kaiju scavenger instead. While his childhood best friend, Ashiro Mina, became the most powerful member of the Battle Force. However, one day everything changed after Kafta received the power to transform himself into a Kaiju, causing ‘Kaiju No.8’ who has to fight with other Kaiju monsters that are getting stronger day by day.

Start broadcasting: In April 2024

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup Semifinal

A sequel anime of The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup, Japan’s Under-17 International Tennis Championships. After the competition between Echizen Ryoma, who came back to join the Japan national team again, and the French National Team. It ended with Japan being able to beat the French national team by a score of 3-1. The next team is the German national team with ‘Tezuka Kunimitsu’, the captain of Seigaku Tennis Club, participating.

What would the fight of a former teammate look like? Who will win in the international tennis tournament that is much harsher than sports? Stay tuned in October!

Start broadcasting: In October 2024

These are the anime we’ve collected for you. How’s it going? It is fun just to read the brief synopsis. Each story is different, but it guarantees that you will have fun and enjoy it. It will be much more amusing if you have time to watch the whole anime.

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