Toxic people, be aware and avoid

Has anyone ever had the experience of someone who nitpicks on other people and talks about us behind our backs? Or you may need to observe yourself whether you have this kind of habit or not because it is called Toxic people. Let’s take a look at who are toxic people and who have this kind of people around themselves. Today, we are going to introduce toxic people who no one wants to be and how to deal with them.

Be aware! “Lung Cancer” a threat near you

A fatal disease that no one wants to have. The latest news reported about a 28-year-olds man who is the owner of a Facebook page named “สู้ดิวะ” had been diagnosed with the last stage of lung cancer. The initial symptom is just coughing, then he was diagnosed that half of his right lung is gone. That news led to today’s content about Lung Cancer. Let’s take a look at the causes of lung cancer.