7 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Credit Card

1. Make a plan of spending Think before using cards. Compare the highlights of different cards. Some cards might be the best at 0% installment. Some might let you have more advantages if you use it to purchase things at department stores or apps. Some might be great to collect points when you buy items. […]

How to use a Credit Card properly without worrying about Debt?

Who wants to have a credit card but still can’t decide because you’re scared you would be in debt for a long term or can’t stop yourself from using it? Also, those who already have a credit card but want some tips to not be in debt for long or pay at the very low rate of the interest, ACU PAY have concluded all possible tips to do for you. No more to worry about being in long term debt.

Perfect Credit Card for your Lifestyles!

It must be hard for someone who needs the right credit card that matches the lifestyle. For those who love shopping at the mall, the credit card that gives privileges when spending at a department store might be great. People who like to travel abroad may choose a credit card that can give credit for […]