How to use a Credit Card properly without worrying about Debt?

Who wants to have a credit card but still can’t decide because you’re scared you would be in debt for a long term or can’t stop yourself from using it? Also, those who already have a credit card but want some tips to not be in debt for long or pay at the very low rate of the interest, ACU PAY have concluded all possible tips to do for you. No more to worry about being in long term debt. 

Credit card is a good way of financing. If we use it wisely, we can get a lot of benefits such as gifts, promotions and discounts. However, if you use it without restraint and thought, you might have to deal with a big debt that you made. Today, we are going to show you an enjoy way to use a credit card with some tricks that will you a “A Top-Grade Debtor”

1. Pay more than the minimum rate!

For example, you pay via credit card for 30,000 baht, the minimum rate is 10% which is 3,000 baht. Normally there will be an annual interest rate of about 16%-20%. If we pay at the minimum rate, the value of interest will rise. Thus, the principle combined with interest will lead to a great deal of debt. The more you pay than the minimum rate, the less interest you will pay in the next month. 

2. Pay back the same amount as you spend.

Another way to be a Top-Grade Debtor is pay back as you spent. It is good for some credit cards if you pay a full amount as you spent because you will have no interest to pay. You will have to pay interest if you divide your payment as mentioned in number 1. This way you will not have a great amount of debt.

3.Pretend to be in debt

This is a good practice for those who have never had a credit card before. If you want to know whether you are ready to be in debt or not, try saving a certain amount of money every month. Pretend that money you saved is money for you to pay credit card debt because credit card is like you use your future money. This is good when you actually have a credit card and use it, you will have money that you have saved to pay for the debt without using your earned money. 

4. Benefits of credit card to use

The benefits of using credit will be from points, which you can redeem as a reward, 0% interest rate for installment and others benefit that will be different according to the credit card. 

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