Observe! New Hire-Purchase of Car Law Effective on 10 Jan 2023

Who wants to buy a car shouldn’t miss this! There is a new law about car hire-purchase which will be effective on 10 January 2023. Lower both principal and interest rate. Those who are going to buy a car might love this law. Some might worry about if there is any adjustment for the car […]

How to use a Credit Card properly without worrying about Debt?

Who wants to have a credit card but still can’t decide because you’re scared you would be in debt for a long term or can’t stop yourself from using it? Also, those who already have a credit card but want some tips to not be in debt for long or pay at the very low rate of the interest, ACU PAY have concluded all possible tips to do for you. No more to worry about being in long term debt.

Final summary of the land tax.

Anyone who has lands and buildings can’t miss this content! Today we are going to present to you about the Land Tax that you have to pay annually. We created this content because a lot of people do not know or are confused about land tax. Thus, ACU Pay has gathered all information about land […]

3 Reasons Why Bank Loans Fail

WHY? Why can’t I get a bank loan? This might be a question to yourself when you want to buy a house, car or to operate a business then you loan from bank but you get denied! Today, we are going to talk about how to do a bank loan, find out the reason why your bank loan failed and the solutions. Let’s get started.

Compare Today’s Gold Price and 10 Years Ago’s Gold Price

Nowadays, Gold is at a very high value which is 30,000 baht per Baht but in the past gold price was around 10 thousands baht per baht. Let’s observe what factors caused the gold price to be higher than before and the price of gold 10 years ago compared to today’s. Also, a tendency of gold prices in the future. Let’s start.

Check this real quick! Which Banks raise the deposit interest

Who loves savings, put your hand up! Today we have good news for you. You should check which bank raises deposit interest to encourage people to save together with a better economy. Let’s check whether these are your deposit bank account or not. The reason for raising deposit interest. The Monetary Policy Committee has raised […]

Stocks of Popular Brands that draw lots of attention!

Once you get into it, you can’t get out! Who feels weird when you have to change the brand of goods you usually used to a brand new one? Just like you have used an Android phone and you can’t make up your mind to use an IOS phone. This is called “Brand Loyalty” which […]

Withdrawal Service in App available now at BAAC

Good news for customers of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives or BAAC! BAAC has added a service for withdrawal on app without using a card. In addition, you can do a withdrawal via A-Mobile Plus App, then dial the password at any branches of Siam Commercial Bank ATM 24 hours a day. A […]

Top 10 Foreign Stocks with the highest turnover!

A stock hold lover should not miss this content! Today we will present to you about the investment as an option for those who want to buy a stock. We will talk about “Top 10 Foreign Stocks with the highest turnover!” Let’s take a look at each stock and the relevance of each one.

Hoorey! Over 7 years old cars can do Online Car Tax Renewal.

No more Queuing. No more day-off from work to renew car tax for those who have an over 7 years old car. You can renew car tax on the online platform which is faster, easier and more convenient, but you still need your vehicle to be inspected. Today we are going to show you about the steps and process of online car tax renewal.