Final summary of the land tax.

Anyone who has lands and buildings can’t miss this content! Today we are going to present to you about the Land Tax that you have to pay annually. We created this content because a lot of people do not know or are confused about land tax. Thus, ACU Pay has gathered all information about land tax for everyone paying for it. Let’s take a look at the types of land tax and the formula to calculate land tax.

What is Land Tax?

Land and Building Tax is the taxes that are levied on the value of land and buildings occupied. For example, residences, houses, buildings or condominiums. Land Tax will be levied annually and calculated from the value of land and building’s usefulness. In addition, the Ministry of Finance has considered levying land tax at full price after the tax decreasing during covid-19 pandemic. You can pay land tax at as follow:

  1. Bangkok can pay tax at District Office
  2. Pattaya can pay tax at Pattaya City Hall
  3. Subdistrict Administrative Organization(SAO) can pay tax at Subdistrict Administrative Organization(SAO)
  4. Municipality can pay tax at Municipality.

Who needs to pay Land Tax and how much for paying Land Tax?

  • Landlord, A single building, Apartment owner

A Tax Payable = (The value of land + The value of building – Exception value) x A tax rate

  • Landlord (without building)

Exception value are 

  • The first house tax allowance. The allowance is for the first 10 million baht in case that there is a joint owner whose name is in the house registration. 
  • The land tax allowance for individuals who use the land for agriculture. The allowance is for the first 50 million baht which will be effective in 2023.

A Tax Payable = (The value of land – Exception value) x A tax rate

  • Building Owner (without land)

A Tax payable = (The value of building – Exception value) x A tax rate

Tax rate is the types of lands and buildings divided into 4 groups which are agriculture, residence, other purposes and abandoned land. 

  1. Agriculture is for farming and agriculture
  2. Residence is personal usage of land such as house, building, and condominium
  3. Other purposes such as commercial building, hotel and restaurant
  4. Abandoned Land is an empty land which is abandoned for 3 years in a row.

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