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Thais are the world's fourth most mobile payment users

Yes, you’re not mistaken, of course, that our own country is the world’s 4th most used mobile or electronic payment service. Let’s see why. And what other interesting statistics are there?


We are not only TOP 4 in spending via mobile payment, which is an e-Payment system, but also number one in online shopping.


According to statistics from datareportal, Thai people make the highest number of online purchases each week, according to a survey of people aged 16–64 years old.

What makes people like to shop online is the creation of promotional campaigns such as free shipping, discount coupons, real customer reviews. The return policy ensures that even defective products can be easily exchanged. which we will see often from the platform that will run these campaigns regularly. which is quite successful every time it is done.

That’s not all. Thai people also shop online from retail stores in every week. From these statistics, it is not surprising that we have the 4th highest trading or spending rank in the world and are likely to rise even more. From the development of the platform that is currently popular, which is TikTok, TikTok Shop has been launched with features that are easy for sellers and buyers. It has promotions to attract users, and it’s easier to buy than Line shop and Facebook’s Marketplace.

However, online shopping has grown exponentially. expanding online payments as well. It reflects the trend of a cashless society that is growing rapidly due to the development of many elements, whether it is technology or even ourselves, who are always in need of something new. and with the events that precipitated the disappearance of paper money.

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