What is a whitepaper? And what is it for?


Today, ACU will tell you about the word “whitepaper.” We may see it as a long document and we may not care what it is. But let me tell you that this whitepaper is very important for investment.


What is a whitepaper?

A whitepaper is a document that describes the details of the project. It generally describes how the project will be created for what purpose, how to solve the problem, or how to develop it.

What is a whitepaper for?

It must be said that in the world of technology, most products are invisible goods, so to explain and communicate with the creator to the user, to understand what they’re doing.

To make it easier to understand, the whitepaper, like the company profile, includes a summary of financial statements. The origin of the operation is to learn and study what the companies we are about to invest in are doing.

Let me give one more example. If we invest in technology with companies or currencies like cryptocurrency, studying from a whitepaper is very important because it will help us understand the technology or the company that we are going to invest in. It is to know the possibilities and opportunities that will be happened.

What is the whitepaper standard?

Because today we will see a lot of technology. It would be difficult for us to use just one standard to measure everything. But one thing every whitepaper must have is something that explains to us how the technology works or what problems it can solve.

Now it’s not only cryptocurrency but the whitepaper is also getting more and more well-known because of the acquisition of cryptocurrency, the study of how each coin was developed to solve any problems or benefits is important. Reading the whitepaper will help us understand the coins better or see the guidelines more clearly.

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