The call center gang uses a remote-control application to control mobile phones

The call center gang uses a remote-control application to control mobile phones

Many people may have been greeted by call center gangs at least once. Of course, each time has a different strategy or tactic. which is also true this time, from using Team Viewer to remotely enter the victim’s mobile phone. This app is good and very useful. but was misused.

Let me give an example of this case to find a way to prevent it. During the month of April, Pol.Maj.Dr. Angkoon Anuwong, a surgeon specializing in laparoscopic surgery, posted a warning to beware of call center gangs.

“There was a strange number calling, and I knew that the call center gang was definitely calling. In the beginning, it’s classic. There are parcels at customs. There are illegal items. and recommended reporting to the Chiang Rai City Police Station, If it’s not convenient, officers will coordinate as usual.

But the point that is different is that from the past, they will inquire about the account, ask for the amount. and let us transfer money but most people know, so they use the “let’s check our phone for leaks of private information” method by having the Cyber Police come to talk to us to install a mobile security monitoring app. This method, people will accept it because it’s not about money like before.

The application to install is Team Viewer Support. If people don’t know what it is, the program can control another person’s computer or mobile phone if the other party gives permission to control everything. Just do it from a distance.

After that, the (fake) cyber police will teach us to get connections to allow them to take over. And turn it back on, leave the home screen, do not turn it off, and let the same Chiang Rai police talk. He will continue to talk about other things, both threatening and comforting. Imagine the situation. We focus on this police officer with the phone attached to our ear.

But on our phone right now, another person is on our bank account app and pressing money transfer. There is an SMS OTP coming in. They see it while the other person is threatening us or distracting us from the conversation. They can enter into every bank application we have.

This is a new trick that doesn’t ask for account information to be suspicious but comes into control of the system itself by another person tricking us into not seeing the screen because we have to hold the phone to our ear to talk. However, if we are sure that we are not doing anything illegal or if you are afraid that you are about to be deceived, let us end the conversation immediately.

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