Time is Money: Let’s prioritize with the 5/25 Rule by Warren Buffet

People often think that ‘Money’ can buy anything they want, however, one thing that cannot be bought by money is ‘Time.’ Although everyone has the same amount of time, those who can manage and control time better often be the ones that are successful.

One of those successful people is Warren Buffet, a world-class investor and author of many well known books. Apart from his wealth and successful investment, one thing that brings him to this day is to set a clear goal, the trick is called ‘the 5/25 Rule.’


What is the 5/25 Rule?

Each day, Warren Buffet has to deal with a work with a vast scale of money. Every decision may cause disaster to the overall economy if he prioritizes things wrong. The ‘5/25 Rule’ is the technique to help you always focus on the most important tasks. 

The ‘5/25 Rule’ is not only applied to work or money goals, but also to every matter in your life, including the relationship between yourself and family’s members.  

Prioritizing Steps of ‘the 5/25 Rule’

1. Write down a 25 life goals list

Everyone has many goals or things they want to accomplish. Do not let them be in your head only. Try to think over and write them down. Those who cannot think of anything, try answering the questions like what do you want to do or what do you want to have. 

2. Circle 5 most important goals

After writing down 25 goals, review all of your goals which you want the most, pick out only 5 things that you really want. 

3. Focus on 5 most important goals then do it

No matter how good your goal is, without taking action, discipline and regularity, you cannot achieve your goals. 

4. The remaining 20 goal is also important, but save it for later

Not that the other 20 goals are not important, but let’s keep that goal in mind and start focusing after we have completed those five goals, because if we do five in a circle and jump to the other 20 then we will complete the goal unfinished.

Why is it important to use the 5/25 rule?

‘Distractions’ are a key reason that makes you hesitate and cannot complete anything. Using the 5/25 rule will cut off those distractions and make you focus on the goals that you have planned and achieve them. This is called the Power of Elimination or the power of making decisions that matter.

When we make choices about what’s important, we feel that we can manage five of these things much easier than 25 of them. The ‘5/25 rule’ can also be applied to big goals such as career goals, saving money, investment, or living, and to small goals like what to do this month or this week. It will make prioritizing a lot easier. 

For those who are currently dealing with this kind of problem, let’s take this idea from Warren Buffett and apply it because every decision is always at a disadvantage. So choosing to spend time on something important in life will lead us to a future that we can set for ourselves.

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