Update! Advertisement Prohibition Rules 2023

Attention, please. The Prohibition Rules of Advertisement is updated. If you do not want  to be banned please read this article. 

As the Government Gazette website has published a notification of the Committee on Advertising, the use of advertising messages that are hard to prove and the way to prove the truth about advertising messages in B.E. 2565. The notice shall be enforced from the day following the date of publication in the Government Gazette(January 13, 2023) The contents are as follows;


Do not use messages with exceptions to responsibility

  • The Company reserves the right to change the prices and conditions without notice.
  • Reserve the right to change the prices of goods
  • Reserve the right to round up the discount without notice
  • The product image may not match the promotional model.
  • Or other similar text

Do not use messages based on personal belief or other messages to persuade Consumers who are suffering or need mental dependence buy goods or services.

  • Instant result after using it, effective within 7 days
  • Summon your lover back
  • Solve misfortune and karma
  • Strengthen the halo, increase the sales, and increase the charm.
  • Be adored by everyone
  • Look at your past life by meditating
  • Or other similar tex

The use of warranty statements for goods or services without specifying the terms and conditions clearly and accurately.

  • Safe and sound
  • 200,000 baht cash back in case of the exploding battery
  • Get a Refund due to unpleasant
  • Garuntee the pleasant
  • Get a refund due to no effective result
  • If the product is damaged by shipping, return it and get a new one immediately.
  • Use warranty statements without explicit conditions or other similar text.

Use of text that compares qualifications in the same product category or references to research, statistics, as well as awards that do not have clear credentials.

  • The best, The greatest, The highest, The most, Awesome, Excellent etc.
  • The first, The only in the country
  • No. 1 sales, top sales in …..(country)
  • Better, More
  • Only 2 places in the country
  • 100% Effective
  • A statement based on test results, laboratory experimental results, or certified by…
  • Pass a standard from a foreign testing institution
  • Receive an award of…
  • Or other similar text

If the Advertising Committee finds it reasonable to suspect that any statement used in the advertising is false or exaggerated, the Advertising Committee may issue an order to prove the truth. In urgent cases, the Committee on Advertising will issue a temporary suspension order until the results of the investigation are known. Any person who violates or fails to comply with the Advertising Committee’s order shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months or a fine of not more than 100,000 baht or both.


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