Wearing Thai costumes to visit Kanchanaburi Take a time machine back to Mallika City, 1905.

        Kanchanaburi is not far away from Bangkok. Besides a beautiful waterfall and resort, the other must-visit place is Mallika City, 1905. At this place, we can dress in a beautiful Thai dress and travel back to the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V.

    The Mallika City is a recreated vintage city dating back to the region of Rama V. There are simulated ancient Siamese lifestyles, a wooden house with a waterfront pavilion, a traditional Thai house in the rice fields, or even a floating market. Mallica City is like an open portal, taking us back to the olden days.

    Besides taking in the views and enjoying good food, there are also fun activities for us to join, such as watching Thai traditional games or watching the lifestyle of the former community. The highlight is the rickshaw or buggy, which goes back in time when the buggy was mostly provided by Chinese immigrants.

For your enjoyment, they provide a traditional Thai costume rental service. We can pay an entrance fee and a Thai costume rental fee together. The adults’ cost is 400 baht and the children’s cost is 300 baht.

Moreover, we have to exchange the money from Thai baht to the ancient Thai coin first before buying things in Mallika city.

Let’s see what’s in Mallika City!

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  • Saphan Han

Named by its shape. In the past, it was a single sheet of wood laid across the canal. And a wide arch bridge with small shops on both sides, leaving space in the middle for passersby.

  • Ancient Market Zone

In 1905, there were several famous market zones, such as Prange road zone, Prange Phuthorn road zone, Prange Sappasart road zone, Yaowarat zone, and Bangrak zone.

  • – Reuan Dieow

It is a house for commoner like farmer whose produce basic living needs.

  • – Reuan Khaha Bodi

This house is for the rich, displays lifestyle of ruling class.

  • – Cooking Kitchen

It includes a rice production house, a barn house, and a preparation kitchen. It shows the processes of rice winnowing, rice milling, rice pounding, and rice cooking by using a large frying pan. In that period, they had to cook food and dessert for many servants and guests using a charcoal stove.

  • – Reuan Hmoo

This house is a guesthouse for noblemen or wealthy merchants. And there is the Thai traditional dance team that will perform in front of visitors and serve Thai dishes.

  • Reuan Pae

During that time, the most common transportation was by river. Most shops were located next to the river. The Tonghoo café, the most modern style coffee shop, and restaurant welcome visitors.

  • Jasmine Garden

Mallika means jasmine in Thais and There are more than a hundred species of jasmine in Thailand. Then they created this garden to collect various kinds of jasmine for you.

  • Story telling room

The exhibitions reflect the charm of the olden days from 110 years ago. showing the peaceful day that we will never experience again in the present and the future.