Bodh Gaya Pagoda, Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi. for prosperity and happiness in life.

Another tourist attraction is Kanchanaburi. Anyone who goes to Sangkhlaburi must visit “the Bodhgaya Pagoda”, which is revered by Thai and Mon people. We have to say that this place is both sacred and beautiful because there will be fog every morning all year round, making it very suitable for traveling and making merit.

Bodh Gaya Pagoda, Sangkhla Buri is a replica pagoda that is smaller than the real Bodh Gaya pagoda in India. It has a square base and two Mon-art lion statues guarding the stairs leading up to the pagoda the front of the pagoda. 

    This pagoda is on a hill near the river. The pagoda was gleaming in gold, and inside it contained the Buddha’s relics, which Luang Por Uttama brought from Sri Lanka. Here is a replica of the Buddha’s enlightenment place in India for Buddhists to worship.   

  Bodhgaya Pagoda is not just a replica, it is like a Buddhist symbol and a spiritual anchor for Buddhists. It is also the center of ceremonies on important Buddhist days and festivals. In February of every year, Luang Por Uttama’s birthday is also held to commemorate him.

   There will be a lot of activities. Whether it’s the religious ceremonies, Thai boxing, or performances by local clubs, including Mon dances, and Karen dances, the highlight is the villagers will dress in Thai-Raman clothes. They carry the tray of food on their head to offer it to the monks at the temple.

    The Thai-Ramai people are Mon people living in the Mon community in Thailand. They like to refer to themselves as “Thai Ramans” (Patcharin Sirasoonthorn, 2015, pp. 8, 22), which is an informal way of calling them. While the word “Raman” or “Thai-Raman” is often used formally, like the name of an organization such as the Thai Raman Association or Ramanrak Foundation.

  And around the Bodhgaya Pagoda, there are many shops selling products from Myanmar, like jewelry, cloth, powder, and wood products. Besides being able to pay respect to the pagoda, it felt like we were visiting India and Myanmar. It is another place that is suitable for making merit and fulfilling the energy of life.