What exactly is a QR code (QR Payment)?

What exactly is a QR code (QR Payment)?

Nowadays, we rarely want to type in the account number during the past period. Scanning QR codes is convenient, fast, and reduces the chance of a mistake on transfection. So, let’s get to know what QR CODE is and how important it is for payment.


Starting with, what is a QR Code?

First, let’s get to know what a QR code is. QR Code stands for Quick Response Code, in 2D barcode form. Typically, the barcodes we see on products in stores or department stores are just 1D barcodes that are just thick or thin vertical straight lines that are parallel to each other, whereas QR Codes are barcodes with horizontal lines as well.

QR Codes are now widely used with technologies that allow hardware, software, and the Internet to be widely accessible to everyone.

QR Payment-related policy.

The Bank of Thailand cooperates with a bank that provides E-Wallet, Debit Card, and Credit Card services, to set the standard QR Code. According to EMVCo, International payment network management agency. Allow every payment both domestically and internationally to be done by QR Code, whether it is for a bank service or an E-Wallet. (More information on E-Wallets.) 

Advantages of using QR Code for payment

1. No need to spend a lot of money on scanning.

If we talk about QR CODE, then we probably don’t understand. Try to compare it with the card because the card must have card swipe machine for customers who must invest in another card swipe machine and cannot be used in as many applications as smartphones. 

2. practical and simple to use

Whether it’s a transferee or a transferor, it’s convenient to use just by scanning. The transferee can show a QR code to a transferor.

3. More convenient

Pressing an account number is something that is outdated in this era. If we are a shop, that still has to press the account number. There may be some customers asking why they don’t use QR CODE.

4. significantly safer than before.

In addition to preventing mistakes, for example, if we use a card, scammers will use Card Skimmer. When we insert the card, it will read our information immediately. But using a QR Code is easier, just scan a picture. Moreover, QR codes are very difficult to hack. because we are able to verify the transferee and it’s hard to steal data from the phone.

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