What is GuildFi (GF)?

       GuildFi is a web-3 gaming platform created to connect gamers and investors together. For example, Mr. A has funds but has no time to play games or can’t play games. Mr. B is a good gamer with time but has no funds. The GuildFi platform connects two people together in order to create a community of people who are interested in Play-to-earn or playing games to make money. GuildFi has its main token, GF (GuildFi Token), which is a Governance Token that allows holders to vote or give an opinion through a DAO-management software.

What's interesting about GuildFi?

    GuildFi’s vision is to be a community that supports and connects play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts and lowers the barriers to game access. The GuildFi Platform offers the following exciting services:

  1. GuildFi ID: A player’s ID or account with a level system that tracks and sums up the player’s progress.
  2. Game Discovery: A service that makes it easier to discover interesting play-to-earn games.
  3. Guild Discovery: A player funding service, partly funded by partners and partly from GuildFi, to help great players access the game more easily.
  4. Proof-of-Play Rewards: Players who join GuildFi will have the opportunity to earn additional rewards from GuildFi, either as a special NFT giveaway, a token bonus, etc.
  5. Metadrop Launchpad: A service that gives players a chance to earn airdrop rewards from partner games. The higher a player’s GuildFi ID level, the higher the chance of getting the reward.
  6. GameFi Tools: A tool that allows players to analyze the rewards of gaming to plan the most rewarding gaming time.

With a wide range of services and covering the needs of gamers, GuildFi is thus one of the most funded Metaverse projects in the world. It can raise funds of up to 4.7 billion baht from investors around the world, including DeFiance Capital, Hashed, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Venture, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, etc.

Who founded GuildFi ?


    GuildFi was formed by a group of gaming enthusiasts and has experience in the gaming industry. With Jarintorn Thitadilok (Ja) leading the project, they saw obstacles to getting into GameFi. Whether it’s a start-up capital like Axie Infinity, that requires at least 3 axes to be purchased before you can start playing. The complexity of buying coins and transferring coins, or even the scams, is why GuildFi was born to encourage players to access GameFi more easily and securely.

GF Tokens rank 467th in market capitalization, with a total of approximately 2,438,428,104 baht, while GF tokens have a global market price of approximately 57.80 baht as of 6/2/2022.

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