What should you do if you are scammed by selling “discounts” and “giveaway” promotions?

What should you do if you are scammed by selling “discounts” and “giveaway” promotions?​

         Today, I will introduce a way to do a complaint about being deceived in selling a discount on exchange and giveaway promotions. Because lately, we have heard or seen news about buying coupons that can’t be used. Or the shop has been closed or ranaway, so let’s take a look at how we can complain about these problems to the OCPB and the Royal Thai Police.

Complaint Method-Reporting to the Police

  1. Don’t believe it because of price reductions, advertisements, and extraordinary promotions. You should check the details and information carefully.
  2. The scammer’s name lists can be checked on 3 websites.
  3. Consumers can file complaints via OCPB’s click now or via mobile application. The OCPB Connect application is available for both Android and iOS 24 hours a day.
  4. Report a clue to the Consumer Protection Police Divisor, the Central Investigation Bureau, and the Technology Crime Suppression Division.

Complaint process with the OCPB “Office of the Consumer Protection Board"

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