10 Items for concert lovers that should be carried with them

Item 1: Concert Tickets

Whatever concerts you go to, you need to have a concert ticket because you cannot attend such concerts if you do not have tickets since there is no evidence to confirm that you actually paid to attend concerts. Thus, a concert ticket is an important document because it will show the concert name, date and show time. Also, to enter the concert, a concert ticket must be shown to the authorities to check and punch the ticket.

Item 2: A wallet

Wallets and cash are very important because they are used to carry many important cards. Also, when traveling or buying something, merchants may not accept transfers or scan payments, so having cash on hand is good preparation. Moreover, the gathering of a large number of people could also disrupt cell phone signals that you can’t spend via apps.

Item 3: A bag to carry things

A bag is another important requirement so that we don’t have to disorderly carry anything. The bag should not be too large because it takes a long time to attend each concert. If you get a standing ticket, you may need to carry your bags throughout the concert.

Item 4: Light stick and cheering label

A light stick or Bong is an indication of which artist we like. It can be called a must item. Sometimes fans or artists will do a project through a light stick, which may transform a cheering team into letters or pictures, or turn them into a sea of bongs. Sometimes the concert we go to is a concert that has many artists participating. The light stick will let the artist know that there are fans cheering for them.

Item 5: Handheld fan and neck fan

The world knows that Thailand’ weather is hot. Thus, having fans is a precious great fortune. Although sometimes concerts are held in air-conditioned places, with a large number of people and dancing, fans are something that cannot be missed. Air conditioning may not be sufficient. The existence of fans is therefore very important.

Item 6: Power Bank

Power Bank is the most important because we have to get to the concert very early before the show time, and it’s important to take pictures at each concert, which can cause the cell phone battery to run out quickly.

Item 7: Tissue paper

Carrying tissue is good and should be made a habit because it can be used in all kinds of ways. Whether you wipe your sweat or your mouth after eating, use it when you go to the bathroom. It’s perfect for carrying it to a concert.

Item 8: Inhalant and balm

Inhalants and balm are good things for Thai people like us because at each concert, we have to face hot weather and a crowd of people. You would be fine if you carry these two things with you and use them whenever you get dizzy.

Item 9: Lozenge

Lozenge is a lifesaver after all the screaming and singing since the concert didn’t start. This is the virtue that keeps our throats healthy.

Item 10: Cooling Mist

The cooling mist helps to keep us cool just by spraying it on our bodies. It’s easy to carry, and a compact size. You will be alright even if the weather is hot.

What’s your opinion on these 10 items that should be carried with you to the concert. But if any of you has a congenital disease, don’t forget to bring ันีพ medication with you. With care from ACU PAY.

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