5 Cafe around Ratchadaphisek, near MRT.

      ACU PAY will introduce you to cafes in the Ratchadaphisek area of Bangkok. It’s very easy to travel because all the recommended cafes are nearby or next to the MRT for those who like to take photos or like coffee and delicious pastries. This is another area that you should try!

1. Brooke bkk

Location: 700 meters away from MRT Ratchadaphisek, Exit 2.

Photo from : brooke.bkk

    A bright blue cafe that everyone will be fascinated with is a shop called BROOKE. They have their style. The bakery and the drinks are pretty good. The most popular menu here is the Brooke Custard Croissant, perfect for a sunny day. Don’t forget to come and try it.

Photo from : Official Instagram : brooke.bkk

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  • Opening hours:        Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00 (Closed Tuesday)
  • Saturday-Sunday 09.00-18.00 
  • Facebook: Brooke bkk
  • Instagram: brooke.bkk
  • Line Official: @brooke.bkk
  • TEL: 062-196-4264
  • Brooke bkk map: Click!

2. April Trees

Location: 500 meters away from the MRT Ratchadaphisek, Exit 1.

Photo from : Official Instagram : apriltrees.studio

        A modern minimalist cafe, just minutes away from MRT Ratchadaphisek Exit 1. Bakery lovers should not miss this because the shop creates happiness, deliciousness, and the best through the bakery. April Trees is one of the best baking studios around here. With a different style, both in looks and taste, who is looking for a cake or bakery for a special occasion? Let me tell you that this place is on the top.

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3. Woolloomooloo Cafe & bar

Location: 350 meters away from MRT Ratchadaphisek, Exit 1.

Photo from : Official Instagram :wlmlbkk

        One of the cafes with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. The highlight of this place is a unique bakery for anyone who is looking for a bakery that tastes as good as its looks. Woolloomooloo is another store that should be kept in the collection.

ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Official Instagram :wlmlbkk

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4. LalietteCake

Location: 400 meters away from MRT Ratchadaphisek, Exit 1.

Photo from : Official Instagram : laliettecakecafebkk

      Walk 400 meters from MRT Ratchadaphisek Exit 1, and you will find a shop called Lalitte Cake, located next to Woolloomooloo, less than 100 meters away. Anyone who likes grandeur must give this shop a go. It is very suitable for people who like fruit cakes, as it is both delicious and healthy. Plus, the looks are excellent. On special occasions, don’t forget to think about this restaurant called Lafitte.

ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Official Instagram : laliettecakecafebkk

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5. BrotherHood Cafe

Location: 100 meters away from MRT Ratchadaphisek, Exit 3.

Photo frome : Official Instagram : brotherhood.cafe

      The last cafe is very easy to get to. Almost next to MRT Ratchadaphisek, just 100 meters away from Exit 3. The highlight here is the drinks because the coffee is very good and the latte art is very beautiful as well. And there is also coffee mixed with fruit. If you are a coffee lover, we recommend you come and try it.

Photo from Official Instagram : brotherhood.cafe

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