5 Chinese-Style Cafes to Welcome the Lunar New Year Festival!

Here are 5 Chinese style cafe coordinates with a classic vibe. During the Lunar New Year Festival, you should prepare a Cheongsam dress for chic photo taking to welcome the festival. Each cafe that ACU PAY selects for you is good for both food and photo taking corners that meet the need of this year’s New Year’s day. If you’re looking for a place to take pictures to welcome the Chinese New Year, you have to go to these places and check-in!


1. Hong Sieng Kong

Hong Sieng Kong is located in the Talat Noi area. It is a vintage Chinese cafe which was renovated to bring back to life again and become a famous cafe in the Talat Noi area. The storefront is painted in blue with a red sign which makes it stand out. The back garden is spacious and bordered by the river. Inside the cafe is an air-conditioned room. In the backyard, there is a variety of vintage tables and chairs which are all antique from ten years to hundreds of years old. The second floor has a vintage gallery which is the age of hundreds of years for you to visit.

2. Lhong Tou Cafe

Lhong Tou Cafe is a Chinese-styled cafe in the building located in the middle of Yaowarat. Inside the cafe is decorated in emerald green alternating with bright red in Chinese style that is perfectly mixed with vintage with a clear concept, “Modern China” represents the unique charm of ancient China. “Long Tou” in Chinese means “Dragon’s Head”, which comes from the location of the cafe located at the head of Yaowarat Road. There are distinctive corners such as stacked seating in unique designs. The menu includes beverages, bakery, and food, with the concept of ‘Yaowarat’ to be a combination of menus

Map: Lhong Tou Cafe

3. Simiao Kafei

Simiao Kafei’s Chinese pronunciation means ‘a cafe next to the temple’ because of its beautiful building located in Soi Fueng Nakhon which has a connection with Chinese culture, including its location of it which is opposite Ratchabophit Temple in classic or Chinese Oriental architecture. There’s a beautiful corner that stands out and anyone who comes to this cafe has to take pictures such as large round windows and a picture of women wearing Cheongsam with red Chinese lanterns that add to its contemporary Chinese character. The drinks menu includes Kok Fei, which restaurant’s signature drink that you have to try.

Map: Simiao Kafei

4. Ba Hao Tian Mi

Ba Hao Tian Mi is a cafe decorated in classic Chinese style that combines modernity from Yaowarat. It is a Chinese-style cocktail and hostel that is good for your physical and mental health, making it feel like you’re visiting Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore all at once. It’s another cafe that you should not miss! The highlight of  Bā hào tián mì is the entrance that was made into a circular arch like a Chinese house in the old days. Above the round door frame, it was decorated with the name Bā hào Tián mì. The cafe is decorated with round tables, chairs, and carvings on polished stones.

Map: Ba Hao Tian Mi

5. Rabbit Hill

Rabbit Hill is another small bar in Yaowarat that you have no idea will be a nice bar from looking from the outside. The front is a red wooden door and inside is the retro vibe with the decoration in a Chinese-style loft with red controlling color and light. It comes in a bright red tone that gives the impression of the movie ‘Shanghai Grand’. It is a small shop that looks very stunning in design, lighting, tone, tables, chairs, and bars. The spiral staircase goes up to the second floor, and the walls of beautiful women’s paintings are good backgrounds for customers to take pictures and also a backdrop when musicians play live. The overall atmosphere is very nice and the service is friendly. This is another interesting store. After the Yaowarat walk, you can stop by and listen to beautiful music here.

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